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5 Ways the Earth Can Support Your Health

This month,  International Earth Day [1] takes a look at how you can harness the amazing power of the Earth in subtle (and not so subtle) ways for your own health—and to connect in meaningful ways with our planet. It is easy to take our planet for granted and all the benefits it provides us. Take a moment to appreciate all the gifts of health that Planet Earth offers you.

There is no doubt that spending time with nature [12] will inevitably lead to more appreciation of not only the natural world but our own place within it as well. Ultimately, this is what natural health is all about—using the mechanisms of nature (including our own body systems) to obtain balance and thriving health [5].

Obtaining balance within helps us to then extend that balance out to the world as a whole. So be sure to spend some healthy time connecting to the planet on which we live, and start feeling energized as a result!