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6 Reasons Why Flaxseeds are Healing Powerhouses

When you glance at a handful of flax seeds, it might be hard to imagine just how powerful these tiny seeds really are for your health, especially for those who are on a healthy breast journey. After reading the following facts, however, I think you will agree that these humble, little seeds are true powerhouses for Breast Cancer healing [1].

I first became aware of flax after reading about a study done by the University of Toronto. Women with Breast Cancer who were awaiting surgery ate a muffin [2] a day which contained about 5 teaspoons of ground flax. The cancer tumors were then analyzed after surgery. The results: the tumors were reduced by up to 71% in the women who ate the muffins!

So what’s the secret of the flax seed? Read on to find out!

The Healing Power of Lignans

Lignans are phytonutrients that can help to regulate and balance estrogen levels in the body. Should you be concerned about consuming too many plant estrogens? Not at all! Phytoestrogens contain only 2% of the potency of human estrogens; they also help to fill receptor sites with milder forms of estrogen and help to flush out truly dangerous chemically-created xeno-estrogens from the body.

What is the Best Way to Consume Flax Seeds?

There are many ways to consume flax but the best way is grind your own flax seeds at home and immediately refrigerate. Do not purchase flax seeds that have already been ground up since the shelf life and packaging causes oxidation of the seeds. For breast health, consume up to 25 grams a day (or 5 teaspoons), sprinkled on food, blended in a smoothie, or used in baking. Baking with flax seeds up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit does not affect the nutritional value of the seeds. 

 There is no doubt, flaxseed should be part of your healthy breast protocol [9] every single day.  Be sure to check out one of the MANY flax-based Delectable Dishes on my web site [10], including some pretty tasty, easy to make breads and muffins. 

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