7 Reasons to Incorporate Zinc in your Diet

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Blog | Jun, 17 2014

7 Reasons to Incorporate Zinc in your Diet

I have been a fan of daily zinc intake for over 30 years. I learned that it was a powerful Immune stimulator and protector. Whenever my children had the sniffles, they knew the drill – extra zinc and extra C.

But as I dove into Breast Cancer research, I discovered the vital role that zinc plays in many facets of our health. Zinc is a mineral that is found in nuts, beans and grass fed clean beef. It is responsible for activation of over 100 enzymes, Immune function, DNA synthesis, cell division and wound healing.

Here are 7 compelling reasons to supplement with zinc every day.

1.)    Zinc decreases oxidative stress and inflammatory markers.cashews

2.)    Natural Killer cell activity increases in the presence of zinc.

3.)    It prevents cancer cells from producing their own blood vessels to grow a bigger tumor.

4.)    Cancer cells need sugar and zinc prevents the cancer cells from getting their sugar fix.

5.)    IGF1 (Insulin Growth Factor) is a tumor promoter. Zinc reduces the levels of this factor.

6.)    Zinc deficiency is associated with insulin resistance and diabetes, which can lead to inflammation and cancer.

7.)    Zinc improves BMI and overall body weight. Increased fat cells are associated with more estrogen production, which can trigger cancer growth.

Long term benefits of zinc are also associated with improved cardiovascular health, neurological and cognitive factors as well as prevention of macular degeneration.

So how much zinc is enough? Anywhere from 15-30 mg per day is typical, but some doctors recommend as much as 50 per day, if there is a severe Immune dysfunction such as cancer.

Zinc is a low cost supplement that can support your Immune System, whether you are simply being proactive with prevention or if you are on a healing journey.  You can purchase low-cost effective Zinc in my Life Extension store. 



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