85% Success Rate with “Herbal Chemo”

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Blog | May, 15 2013

85% Success Rate with “Herbal Chemo”

Would you like to hear about a plant based “herbal chemo” that allows your body to kill off cancer cells, is non-toxic and has had an 85% success rate in Stage IV Breast Cancer?  Is this for real? Yes it is!!

I first read about this product called Salicinium (Orasal) in Suzanne Somer’s book Knockout, Interviews with Doctors that are Curing Cancer. In Chapter 9 she interviews Dr. James Forsythe, an oncologist who also is board-certified Doctor of Homeopathy. In this book, Dr. Forsythe discusses the amazing success rates he had using an herbal product called Salicinium in conjunction with a liquid complex called Poly-MVA.

Dr. Forsythe conducted a study with 350 patients, all with Stage IV cancers. Breast and Prostate cancer showed an 85% success at 4 years out. Traditional chemotherapy has 2.1% success rate at 5 years out.

Another study conducted by HST Global, Inc, found a 75% success rate with Stage IV Breast Cancers.

After hours of research on the Internet and several conversations with the companies that produce these products, I am so excited to be able to inform you about these fascinating herbal products. This blog will focus on Salicinium and next week I will discuss the benefits of Poly-MVA.

But first, let’s understand how cancer cells multiply.

We know that cancer cells are acidic by nature and thrive under very low oxygen conditions. In fact, they do not use oxygen at all to survive but simply use a sugar fermentation process to keep multiplying. When they multiply, they create a specific enzyme that actually “cloaks” or hides the cancer cell from the Immune System.

cancer cellsNow Salicinium steps in. Salicinium is what we call a glycome, or a sugar based complex molecule. We know that cancer cells LOVE sugar, so when the Salicinium passes by the cancer cells, it quickly gobbles it up. Once inside the cancer cell, the Salicinium disrupts the fermentation process inside the cancer cell and stops production of the enzyme that “cloaks or hides” the cancer cell from the Immune System. The cancer cell is now exposed and the Immunoglobulins can now identify the foreign mutant cells and dispose of it. (Remember the old Pac Man game….. gobble… gobble… gobble!)

But will this affect my healthy cells? No worries! Healthy cells do not have the same type of enzymes as cancer cells. Since Salicinium is a complex sugar with specific enzyme requirements for it to be absorbed, healthy cells don’t have the capability to assimilate and absorb it. It is absolutely harmless to all healthy cells!

Here are a few Key Points:

  • Salicinium is non-toxic and has no side effects
  • Salicinium can be used alone or in conjunction with other allopathic therapies.  
  • Salicinium targets only cancer cells and does not harm healthy cells.
  • Salicinium can be used in an IV or taken orally.

It is recommended that Salicinium be used in conjunction with 3 other products that help alkalize the body and improve Immune Function.

This is such great news for anyone who may be on a healing journey with Breast Cancer (or any cancer for that matter)! Now you have another “herbal chemo” product at your disposal that may improve your health and longevity.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact me personally. You can purchase Salicinium (Orasal) and supportive products in my store.


18 thoughts on “85% Success Rate with “Herbal Chemo”

  1. Hi Dr. V

    Thank you so much for keeping me upto date on information, webanars and your reciepes 🙂
    Mum seems to be getting stronger since the hospital sent her home after the chemo wasnt working.. She is now taking the Rieshi mushroom to help with her bone marrow suppression and liver.. The hospital has her taking just hormone tablets, which they said wont do much good but she can have them if she wants them!
    She has been sticking to an alkaline diet as much as possible, always starting the day with lemon juice, water and bicarbonate of soda.
    I wish i had had contact with 3yrs ago when this happened.. But at least i found you in January of this year, i dont think mum would still be with us otherwise 🙂
    So my enormous thanks from the bottom of my heart.. I will always remember our 15min chat we had on the phone and will always appricgate the free time you gave to me.

    Sunshine Smiles and warm hugs

    kelly fox

  2. Hi

    I have stage 4 breast cancer and have had a circulating tumour cell blood test and my cancer is sensitive to Salicinium but cant seem to be able to purchase. Can you please help?

    Merry xmas from NZ

    1. Hi Tia,

      Poly MVA is a great product. Feel free to reach out to the company to discuss your personal use of the product:

      As far as preventing recurrence, we recommend implementing the full 7 Essentials System to achieve vibrant health. I suggest you look into the e-course or our coaching programs for more support.

      Never Fear Breast Cancer Again e-course: https://breastcancerco.wpengine.com/never-fear-cancer-again/

      Coaching programs: https://breastcancerco.wpengine.com/shop/package-deals/

    1. Hi Mahshid! You would certainly want to work with a health care professional or health coach, they could guide you based on your specific medical history.

  3. Can you provide any scientific articles to support your 85% success rate statement? How has this been determined

  4. My wife had Adenocarcinoma of the maxillary (sinus). Then, after the 1st Chemo she got Septic Shock. Post that with 33 cycles of Radiation and Tibetian Herbal therapy it went into Remission. Now it has come back metastasized to many areas in bone. Can this therapy work in this s case?

    1. Hello Arun! Thank you for reaching out with your question! I am so sorry to hear of the challenge that you and your wife are going through but so happy to hear that you are still looking to take a proactive approach. It is possible that salicinium would be beneficial for your wife. You could consider the RGCC test, this test filters a blood sample for Circulating Stem Cells. It also tests over 50 natural extracts as well as chemotherapy agents to see which ones target the cancer more effectively. Salicinium is one product that is tested for efficiency on this test.

  5. My 44 year old daughter has been fighting stage 4 breast cancer for 2-1/2 years. She did chemo and had to do full radiation on her brain due to multiple tumors. Her oncologist said they can’t do anything else for her and gives her 1 month to live. Her skin and eyes are yellowing fairly rapidly. Would she be a candidate for salicinium and PolyMVA?

    1. Hello Cheryl! I am so sorry to hear that your daughter is facing this challenge. She could certainly consider Salicinium and Poly MVA as a healing modality. She could also consider the RGCC test to determine what substances work best for her. Here is a link where you can learn more about this test: https://breastcancerco.wpengine.com/targeted-approach-healing-journey/. She could also consider enrolling in coaching with one of our programs for more one-on-one guidance. Here is a link with the options: https://breastcancerco.wpengine.com/coaching-programs/. I hope that this information helps you!

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