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A Blood Marker That Can Save Your Life

C- Reactive Protein, (CRP) has long been thought of as a marker for cardiovascular disease, but updated research has shown us that it is a critical marker for cancer as well. Even if you are symptom free, I encourage you to add this simple test to your basic blood profile, because it could literally save your life.

CRP is now recognized as an inflammatory marker but it is also a cause of inflammation. CRP is a protein that is synthesized in the liver and is produced by the Immune Cells and fat cells. It is a very sensitive marker that indicates the levels of inflammation in the body.

Inflammation is a precursor to the development of cancer. Think of inflammation as a slow burning fire that is fueled by too much sugar intake, stress, toxins, and lack of sleep. As the inflammation rises it can initiate the initiation and progression of cancer. In fact, studies have revealed that CRP is a potential marker [1]of increased cancer risk.  A Danish study [2] following over 10,000 people concluded that elevated levels of CRP is associated with an early death after a cancer diagnosis.

Specifically concerning Breast Cancer, an elevated CRP level is associated with a reduced survival rate.

The key then, is to reduce the causes of the inflammation in your body by improving your diet and adjusting your lifestyle. Here are a few recommendations to lower the inflammation in your body.

1.)    Focus on super-foods such as organic greens, cruciferous vegetables and healthy oils.inflammation 2 [3]

2.)    Reduce your toxic exposure to chemicals by using clean products in your home.  Examine what you put ON your body because it ends up IN your body. Use nontoxic cosmetics [4] and household cleaners that support a healthier environment.

3.)    Balance your energy by getting healthy, regular sleep. Lack of sleep can turn off cancer protecting genes.

4.)    Learn to manage your stress levels since stress suppresses your Immune System.

5.)    If you still have amalgams and root canals in your mouth, consult with a biological dentist to see what steps you can take to clean out the toxins in your teeth. Some metals are now being classified as Metallo-estrogens since they stimulate and mimic estrogen in the body. Increased false estrogens can increase inflammation and lead to cancer.

6.)    Add specific anti-inflammatory supplements to your daily regime:

7.)    Lastly, be proactive with prevention by having specific blood work, like the Highly Sensitive CRP test included in your yearly blood work. Other screening tests to consider:

We have known for many years that high levels of CRP was associated with cardiovascular disease, but new discoveries have liked high CRP levels to chronic inflammation and cancer. Make it a point to add this CRP test to your yearly checkups.