A Plant Extract that “Eats” Cancer Cells

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Blog | Jul, 30 2013

A Plant Extract that “Eats” Cancer Cells

There are hundreds of powerful plant chemicals that have scientifically shown evidence of their ability to destroy and weaken cancer cells. The Venus Fly Trap, specifically the extract of Dionaea Muscipula species, has 17 multi-faceted immune supporting compounds. The original research behind this extract began in the late 70’s by Dr. Helmut Keller, an oncologist.

He was frustrated with the dismal results from the traditional oncology treatments. After purchasing a bouquet of flowers for his wife, he haphazardly noticed the activity of a Venus Fly Trap and a bell went off in his head. If this carnivorous plant could digest insects without harming its own cells, it must possess a very powerful Immune System. He was right.  He created a patented product called Carnivora.

Here a few of the key nutrients found in the plant extract:

1.)  Droserone is a potent free radical scavenger and has demonstrated strong antimicrobial activity, especially against Staph and Candida

2.)  Plumbagin strengthens and stimulates the Immune System. It also exerts strong anti-cancer activity by quenching inflammation and causing cancer cells to self-destruct.

3.)  Gallic Acid is a natural antioxidant and inhibits cancer cell proliferation and causes cancer cells to cell destruct.

Nk cell killing cancerIn the book “German Cancer Therapies”, Dr. Morton Walker discusses cutting edge treatments that have achieved a fully documented 88% remission rate with cancer patients using only natural and nontoxic treatments. One of these treatments was the use of the Venus Fly trap extract.

Studies conducted at the National Oncology Center in Bulgaria using the extract from the Venus Fly Trap, showed reduction of cancer cells in the following types of cancer:

Ovarian, brain, sarcomas, and leukemia

Numerous global scientific studies that isolated the plant extract plumbagin have shown powerful evidence that this plant extract is an anticancer agent specifically for Breast Cancer. Hooray!  It inhibits the spread of cancer to the bones, which is a very common and serious side effect of Breast Cancer.  Plumbagin was effective in inducing cancer cell death with the HER2 Breast Cancer. Her2 is typically associated with a poor prognosis when traditional methods of cut-poison-burn are used.

I encourage you to watch this short video so you can see how the Immune Cells are stimulated with the use of this extract.

To learn more and to order Carnivora, visit their web site. I have not had any personal experience with this product, so I would love to hear your success stories.



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