An Affiliate Program with a Message of HOPE!

Our mission and passion is to inspire, support and connect women all around the globe to live their best life through healing of body, mind and soul.
The 7 Essentials System ® empowers women to reclaim their health.
Cancer does NOT run your life - you do!

We focus a lot of our resources researching the latest trends that are happening in the world of Evidence-Based Natural Medicine and we continue to share that information through:

  • Weekly blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Speaking engagements
  • Heal Breast Cancer Naturally book (2nd edition coming in the Fall of 2018)
  • Online programs - Never Fear Breast Cancer Again (with more on the way)
  • Live events and retreats
  • Personalized coaching

Do you share our passion?
Are you interested in helping us reach more women?
Would you like to be compensated for helping us reach more women?

If you answered YES to the questions above then please continue.

Why Promote?

There are at least 7 good reasons to promote Breast Cancer Conqueror ...

#1. There is a lot of confusion

A common theme that we see in women that come to us is that they are confused, frustrated and overwhelmed about the maze of information out there concerning Breast Cancer. We offer clarity and information that builds confidence for their healing journey.

#2 We have a system. The 7 Essentials System ®

Another common theme we see is that women do not progress as quickly as they anticipated. They are addressing some important aspects that are required for healing but they are not following a complete system that addresses ALL the aspects needed to heal.

#3 Women feel alone

Many women that do not follow a strict traditional medical protocol (chemo, surgery and radiation) often do not have the support and compassion from their circle of family and friends.

#4 - We have incredible products and services 

Our Never Fear Breast Cancer Again program provides a comprehensive deep-dive into the 7 Essentials System ® with a workbook and USB drive mailed to the customer, which contains:

  • Personal scorecard to track your progress
  • Action plans
  • Quizzes
  • Journal pages
  • Extensive resource lists
  • Our Coaching programs provide that extra personal touch that only can be provided with one-on-one interaction - by phone, Face Time and emails. 

    Our Retreats bring like-minded women together which creates life-long "Breast Friends". 

    • They dive-deep into the 7 Essentials System ®
    • They openly discuss their fears and concerns in group settings
    • They experience personal break-throughs
    • They now have a community of support and a safe place to land

    #5 - Community of like-minded women

    Breast Cancer Conqueror attracts women who are empowered to take control of their health,  question traditional methods of treating cancer and be engaged in their healing journey.

    #6 - It's a promotion model that YOU control.

    Every day, people are sent hard sell emails from advertisers and affiliates eager to make sales. They are under pressure to meet a promotion schedule. Our program is "evergreen", which means that it is always on! This allows you to promote under your terms, whenever you want and as often as you want.

    #7 - We offer support

    Whether it is you or your customer, whether it is a health or technical question, we are here to help. 

    How It Works?

    • Simply send a few emails to your community encouraging them to check out the programs that you want to promote
    • We have detailed sales pages explaining each of the 3 affiliate products that you are eligible to receive commissions.​
    • We have pre-written emails that you can use or edit in your own words
    • Earn commissions on two separate products:
      1. Coaching programs - $150 - $200  per registration
      2. Healing Diva LIVE Event - $50 per registration
    • Receive monthly commission checks

    Become an Affiliate and begin to share our mission of
    connecting women around the globe


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    Become an Affiliate and begin to share our mission of connecting women around the globe

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