Are You Afraid of Soy?

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Blog | Feb, 10 2014

Are You Afraid of Soy?

When I was attending Life Chiropractic College in the late 70’s, I was exposed to so many new ways of living and eating. It was such an education in so many ways! Before there was the convenience of grocery store “soy milk” or “almond milk”, I used to make milks from scratch and even made my own tofu.  

But as the years went on, soy was becoming more controversial and some studies were showing the downside of soy consumption. The problem with so many soy products is that much of the soy is GMO and is not a fermented form of soy. That is the BIG difference. The compounds in fermented soy have powerful effects on the body.

There is one particular product that is superlative and stands above all others when it comes to concentration and quality. That product is called Haelan 951.

Haelan was a formula developed by Chinese Medical Doctors and nutritionists back in the 1980’s. The purpose of the formula was to provide nutritional support for hospitalized patients that were having difficulty in recovering from chemotherapy and other medical treatments.Haelan.jpg 2

How concentrated is 1 bottle of Haelan? One bottle contains 25 pounds of non GMO and organic soy. A particular strain of bean is used and soil conditions are closely monitored in order to produce much greater concentration of isoflavones and genistein.

Isoflavones act as phyto-estrogens or plant estrogens by having weak estrogenic effects on the body, thereby protecting it from the more aggressive, cancer causing estrogens.

A 2013 study that searched over 4100 articles and research trials concluded that “…isoflavones may have a protective effect on Breast Cancer and recurrence.”

Genistein, in high concentrations has been shown to induce Breast Cancer cell death and enhance the effect of radiation on ER+ and ER- Breast Cancer cells.   

The most powerful benefit of genistein is that it inhibits Breast Cancer Stem Cells. Breast Cancer Stem Cells (BCSC) were discovered in 2003 by scientists at the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center.  U-M scientists found that only a few BCSC are responsible for the growth of a tumor. Conventional treatments of the Big 3, chemo, radiation and surgery, simply affect the tumor, but not the underlying cause of the circulating BCSC.

You can poison or burn the tumor, but unless you address the Breast Cancer Stem Cells, you may have recurring cancers. Haelan annihilates BCSC and increases Non-specific immunity by 700%!

Dr. B. Weeks, MD, has a wonderful description of all the benefits of Haelan on his web site. (Sadly, his progressive Washington state practice was shut down by the State Board, even though there were no patient complaints and no allegations to harm any patients.)

  1. Induces cancer cell death
  2. Reactivates tumor suppressor genes
  3. Stops the spread of blood vessels that feed tumors (angiogenesis)
  4. Reduces unhealthy estrogen levels
  5. Produces anti-cancer metabolites

Want more evidence and proof? Walter Wainwright, the Founder and Chief Counselor for Haelan Research Foundation is responsible for introducing Haelan to America. He has conducted numerous studies and has written many scientific papers on the Cellular Immunity and cancer. This Q & A will help you to understand the power of Haelan.

I have to admit that the one drawback that my patients, including myself, have objected to, is the taste. It is very concentrated but there are many ways around that. I add a few drops of lemon stevia and add my dosage to a few ounces of water…and down the hatch. Laughing

Knowing and understanding the many benefits of fermented soy can give you confidence that you are moving very proactively towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

Haelan can be ordered directly through my web site. Email me for quantity discounts.


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