Are your amalgams increasing your Breast Cancer risk?

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Blog | Apr, 14 2014

Are your amalgams increasing your Breast Cancer risk?

In the early 80s, I discovered the relationship between dental health and overall health, but it was not until 1991 that I took the issue very seriously when I implemented Bio-energetic testing or meridian testing in my practice. I began to see a connection between a patient’s dental health and breast cancer. The more fillings and root canals, the more serious the “dis-ease” in the body.

There are 2 main ways that your teeth affect your health:

1.)  Chemically

2.)  Energetically

The Chemical Impact

Let’s discuss the chemical aspect. To begin with, those “silver” fillings in your mouth are 50% elemental mercury. Mercury is the most toxic element on the planet and even minute exposure to it is very dangerous.  Every time you brush your teeth, chew, or eat something warm, you are releasing methylmercury vapors that are absorbed into your body.

Mercury toxicity impacts every system in your body:

1.)  It poisons your endocrine system

2.)  Mercury is a neurotoxin that can impact your mental and emotional health.

3.)  It can affect your digestive system

4.)  Chronic exposure to mercury can cause inflammation which is the underlying cause of so many dis-eases, including cancer.

5.)  Greatly impacts your Immune System

When it comes to Breast Cancer, there is an emerging class of estrogens that potentially increases your risk. They are called Metallo-estrogens, specific metals such as mercury, aluminum, nickel, etc., that are found in “silver fillings”. These metals acutely add to the estrogen burden of breast tissue. In fact, a 2011 Canadian research team found a significant accumulation of heavy metals in malignant breast tissue.

In a study published in the Environmental Toxicology Magazine, mercury significantly stimulated the growth of Breast Cancer cells.

Another serious chemical assault on your body comes from Root Canals. In a nutshell, teeth with root canals are dead tissues that drip very toxic anaerobic bacteria into your body, suppressing your Immune System and increasing inflammation. A cancer clinic in Switzerland, the Paracelsus Cancer Clinic, found that 98% of Breast Cancer patients had 1 or more root canals.  

The Energetic Impact

Your body contains a distribution network of energy flow called the Acupuncture Meridian System. This life energy or CHI, travels along the meridians, through every organ and corresponding tooth. If there is metal in a particular tooth or a root canal, this can impact the flow of energy for that particular organ.

dental chart 3For example, the 4th and 5th teeth from your center tooth, right and left, top and bottom, are directly connected to your breast tissue through the Acupuncture Meridian System.

If you really want to achieve true health, you must address the dental issue. Make sure that you work with a Biological Dentist who has the proper training and the right equipment.

Here is a list of organizations and non-profit groups that support Biological Dentistry.

International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine –

Holistic Dental Association –

Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions –

Dental Wellness Institute –

Essential # 5 – Embrace Biological Dentistry. If this is a new concept to you, be open to the possibility and embrace a new way of looking at your teeth. If you are being proactive with the prevention or if you are on a healing journey with Breast Cancer, find a Biological Dentist who will support you in your quest for vibrant health. 

  • I’m very curious about the connection between dental amalgams and breast cancer. I’m 39 and I was recently diagnosed with an invasive ductal carcinoma and I strongly believe that the cause may be linked to the dental amalgams I had in my mouth. I had 7 amalgam fillings. I’ve had them all removed since the diagnosis. I told an oncologist about the possible link between dental amalgams and cancer and she seemed genuinely shocked and promised to do some more research on the subject. We’ll see if she actually does. I’ve also implemented a number of other strategies from your book. I feel worlds healthier now than I did before so I’m thrilled that I’ve done those things. I have not gone back for my follow up exam yet where they will try to schedule me for surgery. I’m leaning strongly toward not doing any conventional treatments, including surgery, but I think I need more guidance.

  • I had my (many) childhood mercury fillings removed and replaced w composite in my early 30s by our holistic dentist. About 5 years later I was diagnosed w BC. She told me the history of having the mercury fillings (most of my life until we started seeing her) could be enough of a risk of cancer. Perhaps if I didnt have them removed my prognosis/staging would have been worse. I know there are many factors and I’ll never know exactly why I got BC but I want to do everything to make sure I don’t get a recurrence and my children will ** never ** have mercury fillings. Who ever thought putting mercury in mouths was a good idea?!?!

    • Laura thank you so much for sharing your story! Dr. V had 16 amalgams put in her mouth all at once at the age of 16! Many women share this story. I am so glad you took a preventative hold on your health by having them removed!

  • I also have BC and will have my three amalgams removed by a holistic dentist. I’ve been reading up on it and am now having second thoughts for fear that removal might make things worse. For those who have had their amalgams removed, what did you do after the procedure (detox, etc.)? What would do you recommend?