You are invited to the Healing Diva LIVE Event

September 13, 14, 15 (noon), 2019

Atlanta, GA

A women's retreat that inspires, informs and transforms you!

We are proud to present 3 world-renowned speakers

Dr. Nasha Winters

Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, L.Ac., FABNO, is the founder, CEO, and visionary of Optimal Terrain Consulting. She is a national board certified naturopathic doctor, licensed acupuncturist, and a fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology. She lectures all over the world training physicians in the application of mistletoe therapy and consulting with researchers on projects involving immune modulation via mistletoe, hyperthermia, and the ketogenic diet.

Dr. Tony Jimenez

Dr. Tony Jimenez (MD, ND) is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers in Mexico and international centers in Thailand, and Colombia. After receiving his undergraduate education in the United States, Dr. Jimenez is a MD and a ND. For more than 25 years, Dr. Jimenez has dedicated his life to the study, clinical research and implementation of non-toxic and integrative strategies to treat cancer, chronic infections, and immune disorders.

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca is triple board-certified and a fellow of gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine.  She is known for her work using natural alternatives and traditional healing modalities for managing menopause successfully.  Her newest book "The Hormone Fix" along with her other empowering transformation programs have helped women of all ages become their best selves again.

At the Healing Diva LIVE Event,
You will leave with CLARITY for your journey
You will leave with a PLAN on paper that I will help you create
You will go from:

  • Doubt to Hope
  • Scared to Supported
  • Confused to Confident
  • Overwhelmed to Empowered

From going it alone to having the power of the Diva's around you!

"I have been in the trenches just like you ... I have lived the healing journey."
   - Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, DC and founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror ®

When I first discovered that I had Breast Cancer, I was shocked. There were times when I would wake up at 3 AM in a cold sweat and wonder if I could really heal my body or wonder if this was the end of the road for me. I felt the fatigue after cleansing and detoxing. I experienced the overwhelm and frustration of having to take one more dose of supplements or herbs.

I saw the fear and hurt in my children's eyes when I experienced pain and fatigue. So I get it...I have been there, which is one of my compelling reasons for creating the 7 Essentials System® and the Healing Diva LIVE Event.

We have fun....

and we do the work!

I want to reach out and help women like you to make your journey a little easier and a little less complicated. Connection and Community are an important part of your healing journey.

In the past 7 years my team and I have coached women in 43 countries around the world about their goals of attaining vibrant health. I noticed that there was a common thread among them:

  • They were ALL confused, frustrated and overwhelmed about the maze of information out there concerning Breast Cancer.
  • They were not progressing as quickly as they anticipated, even though they were juicing and taking supplements.
  • They were searching for a step by step program that kept them accountable and motivated to reach their goal.
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    They wanted to see measurable results with their programs, but they were not sure what to look for.
  • check
    They often felt alone and wished they had other women they could connect with to share their feelings and thoughts about their healing journey.

Do any of these sound like YOU?

After hearing the pain and seeing the tears of so many women, I decided it was time to create a community that would inspire, support and connect women from all over the globe to live their best life through healing of body, mind and soul.

Meet Like-Minded Women
Bring Friends
Make New Friends

This is what you can expect
at the Healing Diva LIVE Event

Discover what it takes to create a Healing Mindset

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    Why do some women thrive on a healing journey and some get stuck?
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    Why is a Healing Mindset key to improving your health?
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    Simple brain "hacks" to jump-start your health.

Discover exactly what cancer is so you can take effective action

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    Find out how a healthy immune system actually takes care of these rogue cells.
  • check
    How to "starve" the cancer.
  • check
    What can you do to turn on your healthy genes?

What are the 7 Cancer Triggers that could possibly create cancer in your body?

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    Is your home loaded with these triggers?
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    Specific aspects of your lifestyle can act as a trigger.
  • check
    What you can do to avoid these triggers forever.

Get Your Questions Answered

"I found hope"
"A total blessing"
"I love Dr. V. She is Ah-mazing!!!"
"Most incredible, life-changing event EVER."
"This is the key to living a long, thriving, happy, healthy life."

Whether You Choose a Traditional Approach or a Natural Approach, or a Combination of Both,  we are here to Support You

Let's Hear From Some Recent Attendee's...

I knew I needed help...oh my goodness...I found a to do it step by step...of course there was a lot to learn about life, about food, about supplements, about myself, about emotions...she put it all together...basically it's been fantastic.

Lucia, Mexico

This buoy represents what the 7 Essentials program has meant to me...for about a year I floundered...the moment I got on the program I had a plan. No longer was I out in the middle of this ocean with waves going around and me sinking...Dr. V and the program became like a navigational system for me

Laura, Georgia

A Team That Cares!

You may be wondering how much is this going to cost? Well I have good news!
The DIVA ticket will be the same as 2018, even with the addition of our keynote speakers AND we got the hotel to cut their prices significantly from last year, which means the rooms will go fast.

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    How much would it be worth to you to finally have a plan?
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    How much would it be worth to have vibrant health again?
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    How much is it costing you to NOT be living to your full potential?
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    How much would it be worth to you to meet and learn from other like-minded women?

DIVA Ticket

  • 2.5 days of education and inspiration
  • Workbook with Dr. V's slides
  • Your completed action plan
  • 2 Organic Lunches
  • Raffles & Prizes

... and

mailed immediately to YOU

($197 value)

Your Ticket Price
including BONUS

Payment Plan Available

BONUS Details

"Never Fear Breast Cancer Again" 

Educational Program

  • Access to Never Fear Breast Cancer Again Program
  • Your personal scorecard with action steps
  • Extensive resource list for each of the 7 essentials
  • Physical workbook mailed to you
  • Flash/jump drive of program videos mailed to you. No need for internet access or passwords
  • Includes a BONUS section, "Optimize Your Health During Traditional Treatment"
  • Private Facebook Community to connect with like-minded women


  • Everything with standard ticket
  • Private reception with Dr. V Thursday evening
  • $250 value gift bag
  • Front row table seating

Atlanta Hotel Details

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    Atlanta Marriott Century Center
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    2000 Century Boulevard NE, Atlanta Georgia 30345
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    Hotel completed a major renovation in 2018
  • We have secured 50% off rates for this special event

Atlanta LIVE Event Refund Policy

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    100% refund prior to Aug 1
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    50% refund from Aug 1 to Aug 31
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    No refund after Aug 31