Star Wars Galactic Battle in Your Body

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Blog | Apr, 22 2014

Star Wars Galactic Battle in Your Body

We often take for granted the miracle of our human body. Do you notice that you are breathing 16 times per minute or that your blood is circulating around thousands of miles of arteries and veins? Do you have to consciously make your heart beat or your food digest? No, it all happens automatically through the miracle of life. How grateful we should be every day for this amazing gift!

One system that is often taken for granted is the Immune System. Your Immune System stands guard and is the first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cancer cells. If your Immune System is not working at full capacity, these foreign invaders can cause some damage.

Eighty percent of your Immune System is found in the mucosal lining of your intestinal tract, which is why it is SO important to maintain healthy flora in your gut.

There is often a silent battle that goes on every day that keeps you healthy and strong. I like to think of the Immune system and how it works as a “Star Wars Galactic Battle” because it really is that exciting.

Your Immune System is comprised of billions of cells that perform hundreds of functions every day. Some of these cells shoot out ionized particles that blast open the cell membrane of viruses, bacteria, or cancer cells.

Immune system 3Others surround those invaders and squirt out chemical poisons that kill the pathogen. The cells then digest the remnants of this invader and even recycle the body parts.

Still, other immune cells have long sticky pods or legs that gobble up and digest the unfriendly cell.

All this activity takes place without you having to consciously think about this.

But what happens if your Immune System is sluggish and not working well because it is overwhelmed with all the toxins and junk food you are feeding your body? The pathogens, like cancer cells, can fall under the radar and begin to develop and grow.

Cancer cells are mutant cells that have created quite an interesting survival system.

1.)  They stop communicating with other healthy cells and turn a deaf ear to the signals.

2.)  They create their own blood flow (angiogenesis) in order to receive nutrients.

3.)  They secrete enzymes that put the Immune System to sleep so that they can’t be easily detected by the Killer Cells and Macrophages.

4.)  They even secrete a protein called “survivin” that prevents the cancer cell from dying like regular healthy cells. So, yes, cancer cells never die…they keep on reproducing.

So if cancer cells are so smart and we produce many of them each day, how do we stand a chance against cancer? By keeping your Immune System healthy, active, and strong.

Following The 7 Essentials will keep your Immune System healthy and on guard! Here are a few tips to boost your Immune System:

1.)  Let Food Be Your Medicine – Eat organic, nutrient-dense food every day.

2.)  Reduce Your Toxic Exposure – Become aware of all the toxins in your home and in your skincare products.

3.)  Balance your Energy – Healthy sleep, exercise, and Chiropractic care boost your Immune System by as much as 300%.

4.)  Heal Your Emotional Wounds – Your emotional center in the brain is connected to your Immune System. Think bad thoughts and stay stressed out and your Immune System is depressed. Think happy, joyous thoughts and your Immune System responds and goes to work for you.

5.)  Embrace Biological Dentistry – Toxic dental material and root canals drip toxins into your body that suppress your Immune System.

6.)  Repair your Body with Therapeutic Plants – here is a list of specific Immune Boosting supplements:

  1. Beta Glucans
  2. Broccoli Sprouts
  3. Curcumin
  4. Vitamin D
  5. IP 6
  6. Probiotics

7.)  Adopt Very Early Detection – It takes 5-10 years for cancer to show up as a bump or a lump in your body. There are sensitive blood tests that can determine the presence of cancer at a very early stage. Thermography can also reveal inflammation and any physiological changes happening in the body, years before dis-ease may have set in. 

Knowledge is power. Take charge of your health by keeping your Immune System in top shape by applying The 7 Essentials in your daily life. Love yourself and appreciate the miracle of the “Star Wars Galactic Battle” that is silently working for you every minute of the day. 

  • Dr. V. I appreciate your direct importance on keeping your immune system running at top notch. I know that when I was given a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer and faced with the decision of how to treat it, it didn’t make sense to me that compromising my immune system through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy was a sound approach of treatment that would have lasting beneficial results. I had to stand in my truth that by enhancing my immune system through diet and lifestyle changes was the only logical method that would bring about the result I desired. Today, I am cancer free! Thank you for being a beautiful light in the world.