Discover the 7 Essentials for Preventing Breast Cancer Naturally

Thursday September 7th at 4 pm EST

Less than 5% of Breast Cancers are genetic. 

What causes the other 95%? 

Learn to Never Fear Breast Cancer Again by Understanding what Cancer is and what Cancer is NOT.

What You Will Learn During This Webinar

Learn 3 Critical Components Required For A Successful
Breast Self-Exam

How years of research contributed to A NEW ERA in very early breast cancer detection.

Seven Ways to  
Detect A Lump

Learn which methods or combination of methods may be best for you.

Do YOUR Hormones Cause  Breast Cancer? 

There is no need to live in fear of YOUR hormones. Discover Why. 

Meet Your Hostess: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

I believe that women can be taught to Never Fear Breast Cancer Again!

I have faced 2 breast cancer healing journeys. These experiences taught me so much about myself and what it takes to create vibrant health, even in the face of life’s biggest health challenges.

Cancer is simply the tip of the iceberg. It is a message that your body is sending you that your life and your health are out of balance.

Join Me to Learn 7 Steps to Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally

Thursday September 7th at 4 PM Eastern

Celebrating Eleven Years of Service