Beta Glucans Kick-Start Your Immune System

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Blog | Mar, 18 2014

Beta Glucans Kick-Start Your Immune System

Although we may try our best to eat organically, reduce our toxic exposure, and balance our energy with exercise and proper sleep, there will be times when we are not feeling our best. Stress and unexpected events may be taxing our Immune System, making us more vulnerable to foreign invaders and cancer cells. To complicate matters, cancer cells have a “cloaking mechanism” that often keeps them hidden from our Immune System.

According to Cancer Research UK, people who have problems with their Immune Systems are more likely to get some type of cancer. 

Beta Glucan is a natural extract of Baker’s yeast which is known for its ability to modulate the Immune System. The immune enhancing properties were reported as far back as the 1930’s, but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the Beta Glucan story began to unfold. There are over 800 studies that confirm that Beta Glucans produce effects that strengthen the Immune System.

So why and how do the Beta Glucans improve our Immune response?lymphocyte

1.)  The beta Glucans are delivered to the Immune cells through Peyer’s Patches in the small intestine.

2.)  The Immune cells digest the Beta Glucan and then transport it throughout the lymphatic system.

3.)  The “digested” Beta Glucans latch on to specific sites on the Immune cells and prime them to be on the alert with a sense of urgency.

4.)  Once they are primed, the macrophages will gobble up and digest the foreign invaders at a faster rate.

5.)  Beta Glucans also enhances the production of more Immune cells. More Immune cells mean more destruction of unhealthy cells.

6.)  75% – 80% of all your Immune cells benefit from the Beta Glucans.

When it comes to Breast Cancer specifically, beta Glucans may be useful for inhibiting endocrine-resistant Breast Cancer cell proliferation. They also stimulate proliferation and activation of macrophages that directly gobble up cancer cells.

beta glucanIn laboratory studies, Beta Glucans decreased Breast Cancer cell growth by 50% by stimulating the cancer cells to self-destruct.

As with all the products that I personally use and professionally recommend, I do my research. Not all Beta Glucans are created equally. I have found Transfer Point’s Beta 1,3D Glucan to be superlative over other products. Every batch of the ingredients is quality tested twice for purity and full potency by independent 3rd party laboratories. Several studies have proven that Transfer Points Beta Glucans are the most biologically active and produce the strongest Immune response.

If you are being proactive with prevention or if you are on a healing journey, adding Beta Glucans to your protocol may provide benefits by kick-starting your Immune System. 

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