Blending or Juicing for Breast Cancer

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Blog | Aug, 30 2012

Blending or Juicing for Breast Cancer

I am often asked the question, “Which is better – blending or juicing for Breast Cancer healing and prevention?”  The answer in a nutshell is both.

Juicing involves grinding, pulverizing and squeezing the juices out of specific fruits and vegetables.  The benefit of juicing, especially if you are having some serious challenges with your health, is that you can absorb more nutrients with less effort. The juices are absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream, allowing the digestive system to rest for a while. Juicing is an important part of many natural cancer protocols, such as the Gerson Therapy.

If you are overcoming the effects of chemo, surgery and radiation, juicing may be your beverage of choice initially.

Blending involves using a high power blender to grind and break down green leaves, vegetables and low glycemic fruits. This is often known as a “smoothie”.  The benefits of green smoothies are numerous:

  1. You can assimilate several times more nutrients from blended greens than from chewed greens. The blender breaks down the fiber and the plant cell walls which releases all of the antioxidants.
  2. Blended drinks oxidize less quickly than juiced drinks.
  3. Blending your veggies breaks down the soluble and insoluble fiber that you would normally dispose of with juicing.
  4. You can add seeds (chia, hemp of flax) to your smoothies to get a healthy dose of omega 3 fatty acids.
  5. Green leaves don’t have starch so you can blend them with fruit without any bloating and digestive issues.

Green for Life  is wonderful resource to help you understand the power of the “green revolution”. The book points out the benefits of green smoothies in a very light and entertaining way and has a great variety of recipes.

Victoria even admits that the smell of her smoothies was unbearable and they ended up in the compost pile.

The science behind blending green leaves makes a lot of common sense.

Here is an excerpt from Victoria Boutenko’s book, Green Smoothie Revolution.  As always, nature knows best. She stumbled upon the fact that chimpanzees roll up fruit in a green leaf and eat it as a “sandwich”.

“At first I decided to blend dark leafy greens in a high-speed blender. However, after I did so, when I opened the lid I had to quickly close it as the smell was unbearable. I knew right away that I couldn’t possibly drink that mixture. At the same time I knew that I was on the right track.

Blender after blender was poured into the compost. Several days passed before I came across a paragraph in Jane Goodall’s book about chimpanzees in which she mentioned that sometimes chimpanzees would take a fruit, role it in a green leaf, and eat it as a sandwich. I stared at that paragraph thinking it was poor food combining according to human research. Then I thought that maybe chimps know better.

Later I came to the conclusion that greens were erroneously placed in the wrong category as vegetables. There is a substantial difference between green leaves and vegetables. Green leaves don’t have starch while vegetables such as carrots, beets, broccoli, zucchini, daikon, etc., contain a lot of starch. Starchy vegetables combined with fruit may cause bloating. Contrary to that, fiber in green leaves helps slow the absorption of sugar in fruit making this combination beneficial.

That discovery marked the beginning of my own green smoothie revolution. I peeled bananas and blended them with green kale. With trepidation I opened the lid of the blender and it smelled great. I tasted this super green drink and it tasted exactly like a banana smoothie. I was able to trick my body. I was consuming a large amount of greens without any resistance from my body or my taste buds. I didn’t feel nauseous. In fact, I ecstatically enjoyed the greens for the first time in my life!”

Whether you are on a healing journey with Breast Cancer or if you want to prevent Breast Cancer, make blending green drinks and smoothies part of your daily diet. You can pack in lots of greens that will not only cleanse and nourish your body, but will also give you a boost of energy.



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