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Bras + Cell Phones = Breast Cancer

For years, I have been a bit dramatic about warning women about the using their bra as a cell phone carrier. If I saw a woman do that, I could not help myself…I had to tell them: Never carry your cell phone in your bra! Your cell phone releases doses of non-ionizing radiation that increases free radical production and causes DNA damage.

A recent case that illustrates this danger was revealed in the May issue of the Environmental Health Trust’s [1] newsletter.
Distinguished cancer specialists Robert Nagourney and John West comment on an unusual case of multiple breast tumors in a young woman who had kept her cell phone in her bra, advising on the need to Practice Safe Phone.

My applause and admiration go out to Dr. Devra Davis, whose career has spanned many areas of scientific research, has advised leading officials in the USA, UN, Europe and WHO.  She has authored books like, “The Secret History of the War on Cancer,” and more recently, “Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family “.

For years, she has been researching the safety hazards of radiation being emitted from your cell phone and she is now sounding the warning about the effects of cell phone radiation on your cells and your body.

People have scoffed for years about the “ridiculous notion” that the cell phone industry would not have us use a device that causes cancer.  History repeats itself since the same was said about the tobacco industry. In fact, cell phones have been labeled the “cigarettes of the 21st century”.

Here are just a few more recent side effects of cell phone use:

  • Decreased bone density on the hip that carries the cell phone
  • Effect on sperm count, quality and motility of the sperm
  • Increase in salivary gland tumors
  • Increase in brain tumors
  • WHO has classified cell phones as a Class B carcinogen, which means it is in the same category as the toxicity of lead

For more information about the scientific evidence and proof about the dangers involved with cell phone use, visit this evidence- based medical research web site www.GreenMedInfo.com [2] .

For protection from the effects of the EMF’s in the environment and from your cell phone, learn more about MRET technology [3], the only scientifically validated and patented  technology that addresses the effects of this wireless world.