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Breast Thermography for Breast Cancer Detection

In a recent study at the New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell,  a study indicated that Breast Thermography had a 97% sensitivity in discovering malignancies. The use of a Digital Infrared camera identified 58 out of 60 malignancies in breast tissue. That is very impressive!

The conclusion of the medical researchers: “DITI is a valuable adjunct to mammography and ultrasound, especially in women with dense breast parenchyma.”

Surprisingly, with all the medical and media hype about mammograms, there have only been 8 international controlled clinical trials involving about 500,000 women. However, recent analysis of these trials concluded that only 2 of those studies were statistically valid and included only about 66,000 women.

Based on these 2 trials, the authors, Gotzsche and Olsen, concluded, “There is no reliable evidence that screening decreases breast cancer mortality – not even a tendency towards an effect.”

A recent article posted in the British Medical Journal (2011), compared mortality rates from breast cancer in various European countries, before and after the introduction of routine mammograms. Their conclusion as found in Pubmed:

“The contrast between the time differences in implementation of mammography screening and the similarity in reductions in mortality between the country pairs suggest that screening did not play a direct part in the reductions in breast cancer mortality.”

With those kind of statistics, why are women not lining up for their annual Breast Thermography versus their annual mammogram? It is all about educating and teaching women that there are safe adjunctive tools.

Here are a few benefits of Breast Thermography for Breast Cancer Detection:

breast thermography [1]1.)  Very Early Detection: DITI can detect cellular changes in the breast tissue and can detect tumors 5 – 8 years ahead of a mammogram

2.) No compression of the tender breast tissue. Compression can lead to spreading cancer cells if there is something developing.

3.) No radiation. Since when is any amount of radiation safe?

I encourage you to find a local certified Thermographer by visiting: www.thermologyonline.org [2].  There you will a list of certified technicians all over North America and a few other countries.

Breast Thermography for Breast Cancer Detection can be a very valuable tool for women who are searching for safer and gentler ways of screening.