Breast Thermography Brings Relief from the “Big Squeeze”

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Blog | Sep, 11 2012

Breast Thermography Brings Relief from the “Big Squeeze”

I had the privilege of speaking at the  ACCT Thermography conference last year and it was so encouraging to see the movement of Breast Thermography expand and grow. The awareness is growing and more and more people are turning to Thermography as an adjunctive tool for Breast Cancer screening.

Here are a few perks for Thermography:

  1.   Non invasive
  2.   No pain
  3.   No radiation
  4.   No compression
  5.   95-99% accuracy with minimal false positives
  6.   Opportunity for earlier detection, as much as 3-5 years earlier

Thermography can detect the early stages of development when it is the size of a pin head. By the time it is seen on a mammogram, it has been developing for 5 – 8 years.

Thermography has been researched for over 30 years and has over 800 peer reviewed studies in the Index-Medicus.

I am not encouraging women NOT to have a mammogram, but I am encouraging women to get the facts straight. Here are a few studies from the US National Library of Medicine about Mammography:

  1. Mammograms screenings DO NOT play a direct part in reductions in Breast Cancer Mortality.    
  2. Low dose radiation increases Breast Cancer risk among high risk women.
  3. Despite increases in Breast Cancer screenings in the US, the rate of diagnosis of early stage Breast Cancers has NOT resulted in a reduction of late-stage Breast Cancers.
  4. Digital mammography is associated with overtreatment.
  5. Invasive Breast Cancer incidence is 57% higher in women undergoing mammography screenings.
  6. Reducing mammography screenings to every 2 years does not increase advanced Breast Cancer rates.

As we approach “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, keep an open mind about what the Pink movement is actually promoting. True prevention is based on dietary and life style changes, not wearing pink ribbons and eating chicken out of pink buckets.

The 7 Essentials for Healing and Preventing Breast Cancer, naturally, empowers women to take responsibility for their health and guides them through a simple step by step process that creates vibrant health.

So if you are tired of the “Big Squeeze” and are wondering what you can do to be proactive with prevention, adopt very early detection with Breast Thermography.

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