Big Calcium Breakthrough and Breast Cancer

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Blog | Dec, 03 2018

Big Calcium Breakthrough and Breast Cancer

Not all calcium is created equal. Some kinds may actually be harmful to your health. There is a new kid in town that is revolutionizing the effect of Calcium on the body, especially for those with breast cancer and osteoporosis. The power of a new patented form of calcium called SAC, or Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium, in supporting healthy gene function may surprise you!

What is the P53 Gene?

P53 is a tumor-suppressor gene. It’s a good gene that you want actively working for you. Similar to the BCRA gene that actually protects against Breast Cancer, P53 is responsible for the production of proteins that can repair damaged cells. These proteins can also cause cancer cells to die, in a process called apoptosis.

Think of P53 as a “safety net,” protecting you from the damage that pathogenic substances can cause. Like the BRCA gene, trouble can start when the P53 gene is mutated in some way. In fact, roughly 50% of all individuals with cancer have P53 mutations. This unfortunate connection makes sense. Without healthy P53 genes, abnormal cells are allowed to survive, divide and grow.

Although the incidence of P53 gene mutations is slightly lower in Breast Cancer when compared to other kinds of cancer, a 2002 report published in the journal Breast Cancer Research found that those patients who have the P53 mutation tend to have more aggressive forms of Breast Cancer.

How Calcium Protects the P53 Gene

While the connection between P53 mutations and cancer has been clear for some time, new research is beginning to discover how certain substances can protect this important, cancer-fighting gene.

A 2011 Japanese study found that lack of calcium in the body can lead to the breakdown and mutation of the P53 gene. An investigation conducted at the University of Ferrara in Italy discovered that P53 function is directly dependent on calcium stores.

By restoring the right levels of calcium in your body, you can “turn on” the P53 gene and increase cancer cell apoptosis.

Calcium Provides Other Cancer-Fighting Benefits Too

A 2013 German report published in the journal Biochimica Biophysica Acta also discovered that increased levels of calcium can kick up Natural Killer (NK) cell production.

MaraGen by Pronuvia uses SAC calcium, which is 200 times more absorbent than regular calcium supplements.

Calcium has another very important effect in the body. This has to do with pH levels. You may already know that cancer thrives in an acidic environment. In fact, cancer cells perpetuate this environment by releasing lactic acid which helps them to “hide” from the immune system. New studies link lactic acid production directly to the “Warburg Effect” of tumor growth and metastasis.  

Calcium has the ability to neutralize lactic acid and expose cancer cells to immune system T Cells and NK cells. It helps maintain a “weak” alkaline environment (close to neutral but slightly alkaline). This is a deadly environment for cancer.

What is Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium (SAC) and Is It Right for You?

If you are confused about calcium supplementation, you are not alone! While some doctors tout the advantages of conventional calcium supplements for healthy bones, other studies, including a major one conducted by John Hopkins University, found that these kinds of supplements, mostly in the form of calcium citrate, increased the risk of heart disease in both men and women. Some so-called bone-building pharmaceuticals may even increase your risk for Breast Cancer. To learn the “real deal” about traditional calcium supplementation and Breast Cancer, be sure to check out this blog.

That being said, keep in mind there is a HUGE difference between commercial calcium supplements and quality, research-based products that are specifically designed to combat dis-eases such as cancer. If you are on a Healthy Breast journey, I recommend a supplement called MaraGen by Pronuvia.

MaraGen uses a state-of-the-art formula of super-absorbent calcium called Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium (SAC) discovered by Dr. Paul Lee in 2009. The main danger with most calcium supplements is lack of absorbency. When calcium is not absorbed properly in the body, deposits can develop which can affect heart health. SAC is absorbed in the body through vascular passive transport and does not rely on protein synthesis nor vitamin D conversion. This makes it 200 times more soluble than regular calcium supplements or calcium obtained through food. 

The MaraGen formula uses SAC as well as other super-antioxidants selenium, magnesium and zinc to maintain pH, detox the body, protect the P53 gene and strengthen the immune system. This allows your body to do its job of flushing out cancer cells naturally.

(To be totally transparent, this product is costly, especially if you are supplementing multiple times per day. It is not your typical calcium supplement but requires cutting edge technology to produce this type of supplement.)  


Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (“Dr V”) is the founder of Breast Cancer and The 7 Essentials System®. This step-by-step guide empowers you with knowledge so you Never Have to Fear Breast Cancer Again! To watch a FREE webinar about the 7 steps for beating breast cancer naturally, Click Here







9 thoughts on “Big Calcium Breakthrough and Breast Cancer

  1. Wow! I do not take the regular supplement that most people take. I take calcium lactate. It is no way as good as her stuff but who can afford that not me in a million years. This is good news about calcium citrate. I was advised not to take it and I have not.

  2. I left my comment by mistake on another blog article….. sorry. This product, Maragen, is made from oyster shell, which is inorganic calcium. I’ve read that inorganic calcium causes arterial blockages and heart attacks. The calcium we take should be organic calcium. So I’m leery of this product. I have breast cancer and osteoporosis, and would love to take something that would heal these, but at the same time, don’t want to increase chance for heart attack. Like the song says, if the right one doesn’t get you then the left one will.

    1. Hi Sandra ~ The difference here is not whether it is inorganic or organic calcium – it is how it is absorbed in the body. Inorganic or organic will enter the body as PROTEIN CALCIUM, then the body has to work to get ionic calcium – this is true for any type of calcium supplement. Too much protein calcium causes calcifications. SAC calcium is an ionic calcium delivery system so the body can immediately utilize it. It actually works to reverse calcifications in the body.

  3. Hello. Do you know if it’s possible to take Mara gen along with Zometa injections? They are both bone builders. I would really appreciate your thoughts!

    1. Hello Amy! It is always important to make sure that your prescribing physician is aware of any supplements you are taking to ensure that there are no contraindications. MaraGen is ionized calcium, so as to make the calcium bypass the digestive system and easier absorbed.

  4. Kindly advise what kind of water should i use to delute maragen with? Regular, Hydrogin, distilled or alcaline, thanks

  5. SAC calcium is costly. Is there any other cheaper natural supplement having similar function of protecting the P53 gene and strengthening the immune system?

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