Can Seaweed Replace Chemo

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Blog | Apr, 03 2013

Can Seaweed Replace Chemo

As I spend hours researching and compiling science – based evidence that Breast Cancer (or all cancers for that matter) can be cured, I stand in awe of how simple the solutions are. If only those billions of dollars of “cancer cure research” were spent on proving the efficacy of healthy and harmless therapies, millions of lives could be saved every year.

Compared to the Asian cultures,  Western society is not inclined to incorporating sea weed in their daily diet. When I was introduced to the Macrobiotic lifestyle in the late 70’s, I was amazed at how versatile and tasty sea weeds actually were. There are many types of sea weeds and many tasty ways to enjoy them.  (Check my Delectable Dish Raw Nori Rolls.)

A very simple way is to cut up small pieces of sea weed and add them to any dish in the preparation process. If you are making soup or a stew, simply throw in a few pieces. You can sprinkle dulse flakes or kelp granules for additional salt and flavor.

A very promising study in Malaysia found that extracts from an edible red seaweed was more effective in preventing Breast Cancer cells to spread compared to Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen and other aromatase inhibitors are actually classed as carcinogenic by the WHO and have dangerous side effects.

seaweedHere are some of the benefits and the latest research about the health benefits of sea weed:

  1. Extracts of Dulse are effective anti-oxidants and inhibit cell proliferation (increased cellular division that occurs with cancer cells)
  2. Sea weed extracts inhibited the growth of cancer cells.
  3. Sea weed extracts have a positive impact on cancer-related diseases
  4. Wakame suppressed the growth of breast tumors in laboratory animals by causing cancer cells to die (apoptosis)
  5. Brown sea weed (bladderwrack) exerted an anti-estrogenic effect on premenopausal women, thus reducing the risk of Breast Cancer. Interestingly, rates of estrogen dependent cancers are higher in Western cultures and lower in Eastern cultures.
  6. When a tumor begins to form, it creates its own blood flow by creating nrew blood vessels. This is called angiogenesis. A recent study in Brazil found that fractions from sea weed inhibited tumor development by blocking the growth of new blood vessels.

By eating a clean, balanced diet and incorporating various seaweeds with your meals, you are fueling your body with incredible antioxidants and powerful anti-cancer extracts. How grateful we should be for something as simple as seaweed!



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