Citrus Oils Are Breast Cancer Busters

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Blog | Jul, 01 2014

Citrus Oils Are Breast Cancer Busters

I was introduced to the benefits of essential oils over 20 years ago and have since incorporated them in my practice. One type of oil that stands out when it comes to its effect on Breast Cancer is limonene, an extract of citrus peels, some spices and herbs. Although limonene has been used in the cosmetic and food industry for years, there are many studies that have shown limonene to have many anti-cancer benefits.  

Before I discuss the anti-cancer benefits of limonene, here are many other compelling reasons to incorporate limonene in your diet.

1.)  Limonene suppresses inflammationgrapefruit oil

2.)  It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Candida overgrowth is a key culprit in constipation and suppression of the Immune System.

3.)  A sluggish liver results in impaired detoxification pathways as well as the accumulation of gall stones. Limonene has been found to dissolve gall stones.

4.)  It is a powerful antioxidant that has an anti-diabetic effect.

5.)  Findings at the College of Oriental Medicine suggest that limonene can be a potent agent for the prevention and treatment of high cholesterol.


Powerful Breast Cancer Protection

There are decades of animal research as well as human research which explain the mechanism of how this essential oil affects the body. The evidence is compelling enough for to state that is it used to prevent and treat cancer.  

Specifically for Breast Cancer, limonene activates Phase II detoxification of the liver which results in neutralizing cancer-causing chemicals and kills off cancer cells.

After ingesting 2 grams of limonene per day for 6 weeks before surgery, scientists found high concentrations of limonene in the breast tissue as well as reduced tumor growth.  In fact, limonene has been shown to inhibit or prevent Breast Cancer development.

So how and why does this natural medicine work? Here are a few mechanisms of another Tumor Terminator:

1.)  Inhibits the expressions of certain genes that turn on tumor cell formation.

2.)  Inhibits the progression and promotion of cancer cells by blocking the cancer cells’ communication with each other.

3.)  Lavender oil and limonene inhibit cell growth and cell cycle progression of Breast Cancer cell lines.

4.)  Limonene is metabolized by humans and laboratory rats in the same manner. Limonene has been effective in pre-clinical models of Breast Cancer to cause more than 80% of carcinomas to regress with little host toxicity.

Not only are there benefits to ingesting limonene orally, but transdermal application to the breast may also have useful properties. I have enjoyed using Healthy Girls Breast Oil since it has several key essential oils that promote breast health. Spray and massage both breasts several times per day.  

Once again, Nature’s Farmacy has given us evidence that Hippocrates was right when he stated, “Let Food Be Your Medicine.”  If you are serious about Breast Cancer prevention or if you are on a healing journey with Breast Cancer, consider adding limonene to your daily protocol. Enjoy! 

27 thoughts on “Citrus Oils Are Breast Cancer Busters

  1. Hi there,

    Have had a tumour removed in my breast and refused radiation and chemo. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your information, it is most valuable. Here is Australia it is hard I believe to get info from Doctors other than the standard radiation/Chemo route.

    When you say DoTerra oil (freely avaialble here) is it the Grapefruit one, or is there one more suitable.

    thanks again, and I will win this battle….

    1. The healthy Girls Breast Oil has lemon, orange, lavender , frankincense, just to name a few. It’s an excellent product that I try to use every day. 🙂

  2. I’m so happy to hear that you know about the power of essential oils and specifically, doTerra! My family and I started using doTerra a couple of years ago and we have seen many times how powerful and effective they are! They are such a great means of helping us to take control of our health…truly Gifts of the Earth!

  3. Just ordered Healthy Girls Breast Oil… my first essential oil… are there any special instructions for applying this oil…can it be applied directly on the breasts….and does it need to be mixed with any other oil?
    Thanks for all your great advice guiding me through my chemo treatment for Triple Negative BC and Paget’s Disease. Your advice has given me hope for a healthy future!

    1. HI Patricia,
      The oils come with instructions. I spray every day after a shower and massage. SO happy that you are moving forward towards a healthy future. Please let me know how I can best support you.

  4. I went to the DoTerra website and put “Limonene” in the search box and nothing came up. When I looked on-line, there was “D-Limonene”, but that seemed to be for external use only. The bottle in your article shows grapefruit. How do I find Limonene?
    Thank you.

    1. d-Limonene is found in 90% of the citrus peel oils. doTerra’s Grapefruit oil is made from the peel of the fruit and it consist of more then 92% d-Limonene. I hope that helps.

    2. Check out miracle botanicals. They test they’re oils n give u the limonene percentage in theyre oils on the website.

  5. When I researched which essential oils I would add to Healthy Girls Breast Oil, I found government clinical studies in Pub Med that were done in 1997-1999 at University of Indiana- Purdue and University of Wisconsin- Madison which stated that d’limonene found in large amounts in certain citrus oils (Orange) stopped and regressed cancer cells. I thought this was great information and no one was talking about it even 10 years later!

  6. HI again,

    I have also discovered, that DoTerra has Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon and Lime oil….? so Yes, please confirm which is best.

    thanks Janet

  7. Is it safe to rub grapefruit oil on your breasts? I have been doing so for a few weeks now, but have found some controversial info. Now I’m worried. I don’t have breast cancer, just trying to prevent it. Thank you!

    1. I am not sure what the controversial information would be.Essential oils are very concentrated but very safe. Do your research and do what feels right for you.

  8. Just be sure to keep the area you use citrus oil on out of the sun. So if you decide to sunbathe don’t. You will get a burn.

  9. I just watched “The Truth About Cancer” webisode and was inspired by your story. I am very interested in using essential oils. I first used bergamot oil many years ago to relieve me of overnight catarrh. I would inhale it before sleeping and have it in a small container on my night stand.

    Anyway, back to the breasts…which I no longer have. I did not know anything about alternative treatment and had 7 rounds of chemo (Nov. 2015-Mar. 2016); bi-lateral mastectomy (May 2016) and 25 doses of radiation (July/Aug. 2016). My breast cancer is ER and I want to keep it from recurring. I am going to be starting the Budwig Protocol shortly and would like to incorporate essential oils into my life change.

    How would you recommend I use the oils? I would like to ditch my deodorant and thought that incorporating essential oils into a cream to rub under my arms would be a possibility.

    1. There are many different options for using essential oils. You can use them topically mixed with a carrier oil (for example organic coconut oil) and massage them to the breast area and underarms. Even if you had a mastectomy there will still be some breast tissue present that can benefit from the oils. You can certainly apply them to the underarms for a deodorant replacement!

      Some women also use the oils internally by taking drops orally. Always ensure that your essential oil is approved for internal use and consult a health care professional or coach before doing this.

  10. Hi I was just recently diagnosed with BC 3cm under my nipple left side. I am all about EO’s and I do not want to do the traditional poision, cut and burn method. I have read the Thyme oil is very effective is fighting and killing BC so I just started using it along with Garlic oil and Frankincense. I also have Lavender and grapefruit oil. I use Grapefruit with Olive oil and Witch hazel to prevent cellulite ( coconut oil broke me out) It’s working. I’ve noticed that Garlic is really working and having a positive change on my breast. I’m looking for good suggestions and help. I have cut out sugars from my diet and juicing/blending I fell great. I did have a biopsy and they left a titanium clip in me as a marker, my husband wants me to have that removed ASAP will this cause any issue if I leave it in for a while??

    1. I had a biopsy and also had a titanium clip put in without my knowledge. I also worry about what damage this can do as I am very sensitive, sometimes I feel a pain and think it is this titanium clip.. I have Invasive lobular carcinoma and am using oils, ketogenic diet, mcp, etc.
      Would be nice to see this question addressed about the titanium clip.

    1. Hi Karen – this blog post reviews some great options for essential oil use. Limonene, citrus oils, Healthy Girls Breast Oils, etc. Find a good, clean source of oils, do your research and do what feels right for you. It is always advisable to work with an experienced healthcare provider or coach for the proper dosage.

  11. corrynnes natural skin products in western australia makes a completly natural deodorant cream containing wonderful essential oils. to get in touch. I have had a double masectomy and chemo and its the only deodorant i have found that really works and is health.

  12. I have had two separate bouts of breast cancer ( first one malignant the second pre cancerous) its been now 20 years since the first bout. But now my tumor markers (CA-15-3) has gone up significantly. I would like to know how to procure this healthy girl breast oil as a prevented measure?
    Also after a pap smear one of my hpv has come positive…which oil would you recommend for that?

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