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Citrus Oils Are Breast Cancer Busters

I was introduced to the benefits of essential oils over 20 years ago and have since incorporated them in my practice. One type of oil that stands out when it comes to its effect on Breast Cancer is limonene, an extract of citrus peels, some spices and herbs. Although limonene has been used in the cosmetic and food industry for years, there are many studies that have shown limonene to have many anti-cancer benefits.  

Before I discuss the anti-cancer benefits of limonene, here are many other compelling reasons to incorporate limonene in your diet.

1.)  Limonene suppresses inflammation [1]grapefruit oil [2]

2.)  It has anti-bacterial [3] and anti-fungal properties [3]. Candida overgrowth is a key culprit in constipation and suppression of the Immune System.

3.)  A sluggish liver results in impaired detoxification pathways as well as the accumulation of gall stones. Limonene has been found to dissolve gall stones. [4]

4.)  It is a powerful antioxidant that has an anti-diabetic effect. [5]

5.)  Findings at the College of Oriental Medicine suggest that limonene can be a potent agent for the prevention and treatment of high cholesterol. [6]


Powerful Breast Cancer Protection

There are decades of animal research as well as human research which explain the mechanism of how this essential oil affects the body. The evidence is compelling enough for WebMD.com [7] to state that is it used to prevent and treat cancer.  

Specifically for Breast Cancer, limonene activates Phase II detoxification [8] of the liver which results in neutralizing cancer-causing chemicals and kills off cancer cells. [8]

After ingesting 2 grams of limonene per day for 6 weeks before surgery, scientists found high concentrations of limonene in the breast tissue as well as reduced tumor growth [9].  In fact, limonene has been shown to inhibit or prevent [10] Breast Cancer development.

So how and why does this natural medicine work? Here are a few mechanisms of another Tumor Terminator:

1.)  Inhibits the expressions [11] of certain genes that turn on tumor cell formation.

2.)  Inhibits the progression and promotion of cancer cells by blocking the cancer [12] cells’ communication with each other.

3.)  Lavender oil and limonene inhibit cell growth [13] and cell cycle progression of Breast Cancer cell lines.

4.)  Limonene is metabolized by humans and laboratory rats in the same manner. Limonene has been effective in pre-clinical models of Breast Cancer to cause more than 80% [14] of carcinomas to regress with little host toxicity.

Not only are there benefits to ingesting limonene orally, but transdermal application [15] to the breast may also have useful properties. I have enjoyed using Healthy Girls Breast Oil [16] since it has several key essential oils that promote breast health. Spray and massage both breasts several times per day.  

Once again, Nature’s Farmacy has given us evidence that Hippocrates was right when he stated, “Let Food Be Your Medicine.”  If you are serious about Breast Cancer prevention or if you are on a healing journey with Breast Cancer, consider adding limonene to your daily protocol. Enjoy!