Curcumin Offers a Cornucopia of Benefits for Breast Health

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Blog | Sep, 22 2015

Curcumin Offers a Cornucopia of Benefits for Breast Health

Do you know what 95% of all cancers have in common? If you think it is inflammation, you are right. The vast majority of cancers, including Breast Cancer, involve the protein complex NF-kB, which is the main culprit for cellular stress.

When it comes to healing and preventing cancer, reducing inflammation is priority number one. There are MANY substances and activities that have been proven to reduce inflammation in the body, including quality sleep, reducing exposure to toxins as well as eating superfoods such as broccoli sprouts, flax seeds, and spirulina.

You can add curcumin, a molecular substance found in the Indian herb turmeric, to the list. It is one of the most powerful substances in the prevention and healing of Breast Cancer.

What is the Difference between Turmeric and Curcumin?

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a well-known plant in India. The root part of the turmeric plant is used as a spice for curries and other dishes. Medicinally speaking, people have used it for thousands of years for everything from sprained ankles to Turmericlowering blood pressure. The substance within the turmeric root that makes it such a vibrant yellow color is the same substance that makes it a potent healing source: curcumin.

Turmeric root usually contains only 2-5% curcumin, however, which means that in order to take advantage of the healing effects of turmeric, one would have to ingest a significant amount. Because of this, researchers began isolating curcumin in the early 1800’s. A hundred years later, the full chemical structure of curcumin was mapped and the health benefits of curcumin became crystal clear. Today, healthcare practitioners know that curcumin offers a virtual cornucopia of healing benefits, including:

-Stopping pain and inflammation;

Balancing blood sugar;

Supporting the relief of depression;

-Detoxing the body of harmful substances like aluminum; and

-Inhibiting tumor growth.

How Turmeric Can Heal Cancer

“One of the amazing things about curcumin is that this molecule has some profound anti-inflammatory activity and has activity in many molecular targets,” explains Dr. William LaValley, a medical doctor who has spent years researching the biochemical pathways which support health through nutrition. 

Dr. LaValley says that what makes curcumin unique is that apparently it can help in the healing of many different kinds of cancer.

This is unusual since different cancers have different “molecular pathologies.” Research has found that it has the ability to:

-Destroy cancer cells and promote healthy cells by modulating gene expression and activity;

-Promote anti-angiogenesis (stopping tumors from growing their own blood vessels);

-Effect more than 100 molecular pathways; and

Inhibit tumor protein synthesis  

A layer of turmeric herbal capsules on a white background.
Not all curcumins are potent.

In terms of Breast Cancer, the results are the same. Curcumin induces “apoptosis” (cell death) of Breast Cancer cells and also inhibits the growth of Triple Negative Breast Cancer cells.

Research also shows that combining nanoparticle-enhanced curcumin with low-grade hyperthermia treatments can increase cancer cell destruction and death. The effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy and the lessening of side effects can be also enhanced by curcumin.

The Curcumin / Black Pepper Connection

There is a symbiotic relationship between curcumin and a compound called piperine found in black pepper. Curcumin can be difficult to absorb in the body. This is because a healthy liver tends to “see” curcumin as a “drug” and thus tries to expel it as soon as possible.

Piperine slows down curcumin absorption and makes it bioavailable in the system. According to a recent study, the bioavailability of curcumin can shoot up as much as 2000% with the addition of piperine. There are couple of ways to make sure curcumin is being absorbed by your body:

-You can consume whole turmeric root. The oils found in the whole root can enhance curcumin bioavailability eight-fold. In fact, it is not uncommon for traditional curry dishes to be served with both extra fat (ghee) as well as extra black pepper.

-You can take a bioavailable curcumin supplement. One product that I recommend for those following a healthy breast protocol is Calibr8. In addition to other powerful ingredients, Calibr8 also contains a patented form of bioavailable curcumin which is 95% tetrahydrocurcuminoids to reduce inflammation while eliminating and preventing free radicals.

I also offer various brands of powerful and patented Curcumin formulas in my store. 

When it comes to a healthy breast protocol, it is important to have many different well-researched modalities in your healing arsenal. Hands down, bioavailable curcumin supplementation is definitely one of these modalities.

2 thoughts on “Curcumin Offers a Cornucopia of Benefits for Breast Health

  1. Hi Dr V – Thank you for all the information you share with us!!
    I have been a self study of ayurveda since the 80’s and I want to share this information with you about turmeric’s bioavailability and use for different body types. I know I ran into a side effect myself taking a “hi quality” brand curcumin in a capsule and Dr Mishra does a great job of explaining the proper way to take turmeric. I also included a short video from Dr John Douillard, ayurvedic expert.
    I hope you will find this useful in your on-going research. Respectfully, Pam Ryerse

  2. I can vouch that this is very true. July of this year I found the 2cm tumor (along w/ 2 others and the lnodes). I immed started taking higher doses of curcumin along w/ other potent immune bldgrs. The tumors shrunk by 1/2 before my first chemo. After one chemo the tumors are now gone. I owe to God and given the knowledge of the earth to help heal.

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