Discovery of This Molecule Won the Nobel Prize

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Blog | Jan, 12 2015

Discovery of This Molecule Won the Nobel Prize

In 1998, The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to 3 American physicians for their discovery of the benefits of Nitric Oxide. This tiny molecule is a gas that is produced by our cells and then transmits signals to other cells to affect our body in many beneficial ways.

Years ago I became interested in Nitric Oxide (NO) after I experienced an amazing transformation in my cardiovascular system. In my early 50’s I was tested by Dr. Jay Wilkins, Naturopath, with a Digital Pulse Analyzer and I discovered that I had the cardiovascular system of an 80 year old! I was shocked because I had been an avid runner since I was 16 and was very careful with my diet. How could this be?

I then proceeded to have a scan of my heart with an EBCT scanner, a CT scan that uses 1/10 the radiation of other CT scanners.  The results indicated that I had calcification developing in one of the major arteries in my heart. Again, I was shocked and bewildered!  (I later discovered that I am a poor methylator, which can contribute to heart disease and Breast Cancer. Read my blog article to understand more about methylation.

The good news is that I was introduced me to the power of L-arginine which boosts NO production in the blood and helps to reduce the inflammation in the arteries.  I began to incorporate this in my daily routine and in less than 2 years, my cardiovascular system was that of a 35 year old! Hooray! My most recent heart scan with the EBCT technology showed that I had 0 calcification and that all is still clear. Hooray!!

NO is an important signaling molecule that acts as a powerful vasodilator. An example of this in action is Nitroglycerine, the little pill that people put under their tongue when they are experiencing chest pain. NO is best produced in the body with regular doses of L-arginine. Certain foods that contain healthy nitrates such as vegetable greens and root vegetables, are converted to NO by the healthy bacteria in your mouth and gut.  Exposure to healthy sunlight on our skin also releases NO into the blood stream. Watching a funny movie and laughing also increases your NO production!

Need another reason to eat dark chocolate? Cocoa induced vasodilation by increased production of Nitric Oxide.

As I looked into the benefits of L- Arginine and NO, the research was very impressive. NO is the most studied molecule in history and boasts tens of thousands of research articles about its benefits.  

Here are just a few:

After researching the benefits of NO, I can see why it has been the most studied molecule in history! The benefits and the research just go on and on…..

Because of my personal results, one of the nutrients that I felt was VERY necessary to add to my collection of The7 Essentials products was L-Arginine. Since I have personally seen such incredible results with  this amino acid, I am excited it to share this information with others.  This delicious tasting powder is sugar free and is loaded with potent co-factors that support NO production. Enjoy 1 a few teaspoons of L arginine Plus a few times per day to ramp up your Nitric Oxide, the most studied molecule in history.

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