Exposure To This Ruins Your Thyroid

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Blog | Jan, 21 2014

Exposure To This Ruins Your Thyroid

Most people are not aware of this particular chemical that is found in our environment and even in commercially baked goods. That chemical is called Bromide. Bromides are endocrine disruptor, which means they wreak havoc on your hormones, and especially your thyroid gland. Bromide competes with iodine at the receptor sites on the thyroid gland. The result is a sluggish thyroid as well as many other serious health issues.
Bromide is said to be so toxic and have so many adverse effects, that it is banned in many countries outside the US. Fifteen years ago, the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the FDA to ban bromate because of its cancer causing properties.
Here are the most common sources of Bromide:
Pesticides, especially California strawberriesbromate
Commercial baked breads
Brominated vegetable oil (Mountain Dew and Gatorade)
Plastic products used in computer and electronic manufacturing
Prescription drugs like anti-depressants and asthma inhalers
Flame retardants added to mattresses, furniture, carpeting and children’s clothing
Hair dyes, hair straighteners and some cosmetics
“Purified tap water”, such as bottled water like Dasani, which contained levels of bromate that exceeded the safety levels

How does bromide affect your health?
1.) First and foremost, your thyroid gland is affected by bromide. Studies have shown that bromide replaces iodine in the thyroid gland. Even minimal exposure to bromide can cause goiter and thyroid disease. Bromide levels are 50 times higher in thyroid cancer compared to healthy thyroid tissue.
As I have previously blogged about, there is a strong correlation between a sluggish thyroid and Breast Cancer. I encourage everyone to have their iodine levels tested with a simple 24 hour Iodine-Urine Test.

In 2 years of testing clients around the world, 99% of them have been iodine deficient.
2.) There is much evidence to link bromide to depression and psychiatric conditions.
3.) Tinnitus and other hearing disorders have been linked with bromide toxicity.
4.) Skin lesions and kidney cancer are also significant health threats due to bromide.
How does one avoid bromide contamination? Make conscious choices to live clean and eat clean.
1.) Purchase clothing that is chemical free.
2.) Cotton or wool mattresses are great alternatives to synthetic mattresses laced with chemicals and bromide.
3.) Choose organic produce as much as possible.
4.) Never drink sodas and artificially flavored drinks.
5.) Use skin care products that are as chemical free as possible.
6.) Avoid commercially baked goods.
Be proactive with prevention by protecting your thyroid from chemicals like bromide. Have your iodine levels tested and supplement with iodine accordingly. Doing so will have a huge impact on decreasing your Breast Cancer risk.

  • Hi Dr. V.,
    I have really enjoyed receiving your emails. I heard you speak at our health and wellness session at Bouldercrest Church of Christ. I am presently looking for a chiropractor in Atlanta. I was wondering if you could recommend one for me.

    Thank you and Have a fantastic day
    Lisa McFalls

  • Thank you so much for the information. Where do you even get a cotton or wool mattress? We just bought one of those expensive foam mattresses. I do not know what materials it is made out of. The salesman didn’t give us a list of “ingredients” either since this is not something readily available. Please advise and thank you so much for the important work you do!