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Flax Is a Potent Breast Cancer Inhibitor

To understand how Flax Seeds can be so beneficial for Breast Health, let’s take a look at the basics about these marvelous little seeds. Flax seeds have high levels of dietary fiber, lignans, vitamins and minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. The ingredient we are most interested in are the lignans.

Lignans are a major class of phyto-estrogens or plant estrogens. When ingested, the lignans are broken down by healthy intestinal bacteria to become enterolactones. Enterolactones are very powerful when it comes to preventing and healing Breast Cancer.

I first became enthralled with Flax Seeds when I read about a Canadian Study at the University of Toronto. Thirty women awaiting surgery for Breast Cancer were given a muffin containing 25 grams of Flax Seed, or about 5 teaspoons. The cancerous tissue that was analyzed after surgery revealing tumor growth markers were reduced by 30-71%. [1]

As I dug deeper, I realized that the information about the power of Flax Seeds was very comprehensive. Every woman should be made aware of this and incorporate flax in their diet every day.

Here are a few amazing Flax Facts:

  1. Flax can help metabolize estrogen [2]flax seeds [3]
  2. Flax inhibits the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors
  3. Flax has a very significant anti-metastatic activity [4] (prevents cancer cells from spreading)
  4. A diet high in Flax may inhibit cancer progression [5] in a similar fashion as Tamoxifen
  5. The lignans in Flax causes cancer cells to self-destruct. [6]
  6. Premenopausal women who have the highest flax intake had a reduced Breast Cancer risk [2]of 34%.
  7. A 6 year study in Italy found that women with the highest enterolactones concentration had a strong protective effect [7] on the Breast Cancer risk.

Some women have expressed concern about using plant estrogens, because they have been told that ALL estrogens are bad and dangerous. Be assured that phyto-estrogens are only 2% the potency of human estrogens. They have a positive effect on modulating adverse effects of imbalances of estrogens, such as PMS and menopause.

Flax works with the liver by increasing the production of “Sex Hormone Binding Globulin” that neutralizes the effect of estrogen produced by the ovaries, fat tissue and xeno-estrogens from the environment.

Estrogen causes cells to multiply. If there is an abundance of estrogen because of the environment or if the estrogen is not being metabolized properly, excessive cellular multiplication can occur. But when lignans occupy the receptor sites on the cells the multiplication is reduced and so is the cancer risk.

Fat cells generate their own estrogen through an enzyme called estrogen synthase, also known as Aromatase. This enzyme converts male hormones into estrogens. The more fat tissue you have on your body, the more estrogen you are producing. Lignans from flax actually are absorbed by the fat cells and stops the enzymes from producing more estrogen.

Flax lignans help your liver to properly metabolize estrogen and excrete it from the body.

There are numerous other benefits of flax lignans such as decreased colon and prostate cancer, as well as improved brain function and reduced depression for post-menopausal women.

Adding flax to your diet is easy. Purchase organic flax and grind 5 teaspoons per day. Add the flax to your smoothies, salads and raw meals.

Another great source of flax lignans is the product called Brevail. [8] It is the only product on the market that has been clinically proven to elevate the blood levels of lignans that are protective for breast health. Only 1 capsule per day provides the support you need.

So whether you grind your flax or enjoy the benefits of Brevail [8], rest assured that Flax Seeds are an extremely important food for preventing and healing Breast Cancer Naturally.