Healing Diva Retreat at Hope4Cancer Cancun

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Blog | Jul, 03 2018

Healing Diva Retreat at Hope4Cancer Cancun

In June 2018, I led 2 back-to-back retreats at the Hope4Cancer Out Patient Center in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. The retreat was a way to get a taste for what is offered at this beautiful healing center. Having the Healing Diva Retreat event in Cancun gave us the rare opportunity to experience for ourselves what a wonderful and unique place Hope4Cancer really is . It was an amazing experience that was life-changing for many of the women that attended. 

As one attendee stated after her experience at Hope4Cancer – “I feel like I could trust my life to any of them (the Hope4Cancer team) and that I now have some “go to” resources.” 

What is Hope4Cancer?

Hope4Cancer was founded by Dr. Antonio Jimenez (i.e. Dr. Tony), who has researched new approaches for cancer treatment for the last 30 years. He graduated with an M.D. degree from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara Faculty of Medicine in Mexico, but then witnessed the dangerous side effects of conventional cancer treatments when his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Dr. Tony was able to support his father with non-toxic therapies and as a result, he was then able to enjoy many more years of a healthy life,

Dr. Jiminez eventually earned an N.D. degree at Trinity School of Natural Health, but it was always his dream to open up his own clinic. In 2000, this dream came true when Hope4Cancer’s state-of-the-art In-Patient Clinic in Baja, California was formed. Approximately fifteen years later, he and his staff opened the second Hope4Cancer Outpatient Clinic in Cancun.

Hope4Cancer operates using the Seven Key Pillars of Cancer Therapy. The pillars are in direct alignment with my 7 Essentials System. Here are the 7 PIllars:

  1. -Non-Toxic Cancer Therapies
  2. -Immuno Modulation
  3. -Full Spectrum Nutrition
  4. -Detoxification
  5. -Oxygenation
  6. -Restoring the Gut Microbiome
  7. -Emotional and Spiritual Healing

The Most Diverse Alternative Cancer Center in the World 

Dr. Jiminez has dedicated his life to the investigation of the latest in evidence-based natural therapies for cancer. This is why Hope4Cancer has the largest diversity of alternative cancer therapies anywhere in the world, offering everything from light and sound therapies to anti-microbial therapies, supportive immune therapies and in-depth nutritional counseling. We were privileged to witness first hand evidence of how powerful these therapies actually are. The many success stories were truly amazing! 

Hope4Cancer employs over 200 staff members between the two clinics and about a dozen Medical Doctors on staff as well. As we witnessed last month, Hope4Cancer not only offers hope for those diagnosed with cancer, but it is a place that offers professional medical guidance, balanced with cutting edge non-toxic therapies.  The nurses and therapists were attentive and very supportive to our individual needs. We were so honored to be able to get a sneak peek at the amazing Hope4Cancer Cancun!

What did our days look like?

The mornings started with a pick up at our home to bring us to the center. We were served an organic breakfast and then began our therapies which consisted of Vitamin C IV’s, coffee enemas, colonics, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, PEMF, and emotional healing with Recall Therapy. 

After enjoying a delicious vegan lunch, I shared some principles of The 7 Essentials System in the conference room. Dr. Tony also joined us to share insights into his non-toxic approach to supporting cancer patients. The day ended at 3 PM with a ride to our beach home. We played in the ocean, walked on the beach and shared laughter and tears around the dinner table. 

Because the retreat was so well received, I will be hosting several more retreats over the next year. If you have any interest and would like to learn more and have your name added to the waiting list, please contact support@breastcancerconqueror.com. 

The thoughts of another attendee pretty much sums up our experience: “I now have a better understanding on how to manage my health. Hope4Cancer was pure joy to work with! I know I can trust them to take excellent care of me.”