Energy Medicine is the Medicine of the Future!
Learn how to Recharge your Body with a 
Simple Handheld Device. 

Einstein said: "Everything is Energy."

Learn how to support your body's energetic system. 

Join me on Wednesday June 23rd at 4  PM EST (New York)

(Recording will be available if you register)

Special Guest - Max Gloeckner

Max is a Global Leader and has been a Healy World Member since 2019. His intention is to support people by being heart-centered and to improve their health and well-being. He has travelled the globe and has seen the benefits of the Healy device.

Our body is 1 Billionth physical matter
and the rest is all energy.

So why not use frequencies to address our energetic body, and
get to the root of our health challenges?

Join me to learn about a frequency technology that puts healing into your own hands.  This wearable technology uses specific frequencies to stimulate your body’s healing process, and repair damaged cells.  

How Can Frequency "Medicine" Support You? 

Pain Reduction & Stress Reduction

Deeper Sleep & Mental Balance

Emotional Balance & Energy

Nutrition & Weight Management

Fitness, & Bioenergetic Balance

Beauty, Skin & Hair

What You Will Learn During This Masterclass?

Our Body is 1 Billionth physical matter - the rest is ALL energy. 

How can you support your Energetic System? 

Scientific Technology that can "read" your body's energy system. 


Learn to analyze and balance your body's frequencies. 

Frequency healing is not science fiction.

Hundreds of thousands of people in 45 countries have benefited from it.