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How DNA Testing Can Help You on Your Healing Journey

Healing is for you. Yes, that is right. Healing IS for you!

An insightful and actionable way to start your healing journey, learn about your unique body, and prevent future health issues is by taking a SelfDecode DNA Test [1] (Use code: Veronique10 for 10% off!)

One of my mantras is “Test! Don’t guess or stress!”

Your body is no longer a mystery. Finding out precisely what your genes tell you can take away unnecessary stress, as well as lead to practical ways to optimize your specific health problem areas and cognitive function. DNA test kits give you the power to be your own health detective. They are an important step in conquering the health challenges preventing you from living the life you want. DNA testing, Epigenetics, and Nutrigenomics represent the future of health care and puts your unique body at the front of the mission. They are empowering because they give you information about your genetic dispositions and how you can change the expression of those genes. Meaning, it gives you the power to use deep insights into your body to prevent and heal specific “dis-eases”, putting you in the driver’s seat of your health and cognitive function.


[2]The types of people who should take SelfDecode’s DNA Test


[2]Why I recommend SelfDecode’s DNA Test Kits

There are many types of genetic screening and DNA tests for health across the internet. SelfDecode is what I use for myself and clients because they never stop researching. Their team is overflowing with world-class doctors and scientists, all scouring hundreds of peer-reviewed studies each week to bring you the newest findings from the cutting edge of genetics research. Once you know better – you can do better.

They also don’t just email your results over and leave you hanging. Their Personalized Genetics Blog isn’t just generic health articles, but personalized current research and suggestions. You can also use their Symptoms & Conditions Analyzer to search for anything related to your genes, find out your risk variants and show your genes play a role. 

Be the master of your health and take control today with my special SelfDecode [2] DNA Test code: Veronique10 for 10% off at check out!

My dear conqueror, a DNA test is definitely an important tool to add to your health quiver. And, if you need an army of support, check out our group coaching. [3] You don’t have to do this alone. A team of experts and a community of women are all here to help you heal!

Interested in learning more about DNA and genetics? Stay Dr. V-ery informed and listen to my DNA and genetics-related podcasts [4] on your next drive!


P.S I am part of the SelfDecode family of medical experts and can receive a monetary payment for referrals. However, I would never write about or partner with any company that I do not use myself and fully believe in!