Human Parasites

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Blog | Apr, 26 2012

Human Parasites

The thought of having living  parasites crawling inside of us is quite disgusting. But the reality is that most of us are infested with parasites, unless we have taken the time to do yearly parasite cleanses. If you are on a healing journey with Breast Cancer, Essential #2: Reduce your Toxic Exposure, involves a parasite cleanse.

Most people think of human parasites in terms of third world countries, but the reality is that we are ALL infected.

According to Dr. Ann Louise: “Parasites invade our homes, workplaces, day-care centers, restaurants, produce aisles, water resources, pets, and just about any other place we eat, sleep, or play.  Some of them are pathogenic; all of them destroy our health and well-being.  And the chilling truth is, parasitic infections are continually on the rise.”

 Dr. Hulda Clark, a veteran Naturopath and world renowned author stated: “Parasites are more common in North America than ever before. Parasites spread because of global travel, pollution, increased crowding of children together in day care centers, military personnel returning from infested areas, household pets, overuse of antibiotics and other drugs, infected food and water, exposure to multiple romantic partners, and community swimming pool.”

But how and where do we make contact with these human parasites? There are 4 main sources:

  1. We get them from unclean food. Think of the many hands that have in contact with the food you buy at the grocery store.
  2. We get them from other people. I will never forget this true story about 2 Jewish men living in New York but were unrelated and lived several miles apart from each other. However, they both ended up in the same hospital with severe headaches. MRI scans revealed Tape worm cysts in the brain. Well Tapeworms come from pork and we know the Jewish culture does not endorse the eating of pork. So how did they end up with those parasites in their brains?

The common denominator was a Hispanic house cleaner that had less than desirable sanitary habits and was loaded with tapeworms. (Ughhh!) That’s why your mama always told you to wash your hands after using the bathroom.

    3. We can inhale the tiny eggs that are floating in the air, especially if we have pets.

    4. We come into contact with parasites through our skin, especially the bottom of our feet.

How do parasites affect you? They live in your intestinal tract, organs and blood stream. They live off your food, especially sugar and refined carbohydrates. They can live inside your cells and even attack your cells. They deposit their wastes in your body, which adds to the toxic burden.

What are some of the symptoms of human parasites?


    Brain fog

    Diarrhea or constipation

    Digestive complaints (gas, bloating, cramps)                 human parasites

    Disturbed sleep


    Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Joint pain

    Overall fatigue

    Persistent skin problems

    Rectal itching

    Sugar craving

    Teeth grinding

Parasites wreak havoc on your Immune System, which is why most people with cancer have issues with parasites.

So it is time for Spring Cleaning!  The basic 3 ingredients to rid the body of parasites are:

  1. A tincture of Green Hulls from the Black Walnut tree. The green hulls have over 10 X’s the amount of Juglone, the plant chemical that is highly toxic to parasite, their larva and eggs.
  2. Wormwood capsules
  3. Clove capsules

One of the most popular and effective parasite cleanses can be found at Dr. Hulda Clark’s web site. l I have personally used this cleanse and have recommended it to patients for many years.

You must do the parasite cleanse as a family, otherwise you will be quickly re-infected. If you have pets, Dr. Clark also has a pet protocol. Treat them while you are doing the cleanse.

If you are on a healing journey with Breast Cancer, make sure you address the issue of human parasites since it is one of the causes of Internal Toxicity and Immune Stress.




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