Iodine and Breast Cancer

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Blog | Apr, 12 2012

Iodine and Breast Cancer

iodine and breast cancer

The role of Iodine and Breast Cancer is gaining much needed attention. Women taking thyroid medications appear to be twice as likely to develop Breast Cancer compared to women not taking thyroid medications.  Since Iodine is the only element needed for hormone production, a deficiency in this element can affect many systems in the body.

Every cell in the body contains and utilizes Iodine. Essential for life, Iodine has many effects on the body: hormone production, nerve and muscle function, metabolism, tissue growth and repair, and cell respiration.

It has been estimated that approximately one third of the world’s population is Iodine deficient, and studies in the United States have suggested that the number may be even higher, with some estimates as high as 95%. Iodine deficiencies can occur not only because of inadequate intake, but also due to the damaging toxins, like the flame retardant Bromide, we are exposed to every day. Bromide actually competes with Iodine on a cellular level and always wins.

Given the various functions of Iodine in the body, it is easy to see how even a slight deficiency can cause widespread problems. An especially interesting area of study in Iodine deficiency is the field of hormone balancing.

 Iodine is a crucial ingredient in the delicate balance of the endocrine system, and deficiencies have been implicated in conditions such as diabetes, polycystic ovarian disease (PCOS), fibrocystic breast disease, increased Breast Cancer risk and most commonly goiter.

More than 100 years ago, Iodine was called “the universal medicine”. Recent research may prove this to be true. Much promising research has been conducted on the use of Iodine to treat fibrocystic breast disease, as Iodine concentrates in and is secreted by the mammary glands. Normal breast architecture requires adequate Iodine, and in a deficient state, the breasts and thyroid compete for available Iodine.

 iodine and breast cancerHyperplasia, or increased cell growth, may be induced in these glands. Estrogen production increases with an Iodine deficiency, thus causing an increased sensitivity to estrogen by breast tissue.

 As early as twenty years ago The Lancet reported that Iodine deficiency predisposes one to an increased risk of Breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancer. Assessing Iodine levels and the imbalance of hormones is the key to lowering that risk.

As a side note: A study conducted on twelve diabetics showed dramatic improvements of HA1C and blood glucose levels after supplementation with 50 mg of Iodine daily, with 50% of the patients able to completely stop their diabetes medications. The same study author monitored five PCOS patients who, on the same iodine dosage experienced a regulation of their periods, disappearance of ovarian cysts, and control of their diabetes.

The identification and treatment of an Iodine deficiency has obvious benefits, especially when it comes to Breast Cancer. In order to determine the daily amount of essential Iodine required for whole body sufficiency, an Iodine Loading Test must be performed. This test is based on the premise that the more Iodine-deficient the body is, the more ingested Iodine is retained, and the less is excreted in the urine.

To order the Iodine Loading Test, Click Here.  The pricing of the test includes a consultation and recommendations after reviewing the results of the test.

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21 thoughts on “Iodine and Breast Cancer

  1. Great article. Iodine is so important for breast health. I just
    finished writing an article on this exact same topic and will be
    posting tomorrow. What are your thoughts on the recent study that
    Japanese women who eat seaweed daily are at an increase
    risk of papillary thyroid cancer?

    1. Interestingly I read that Kelp is polluted with arsenic and halides. That may be the reason they are developing cancer. In the past, Kelp was the most safe and abundant source of Iodine. The pollution in our oceans is a sad reflection of man kind has done to this beautiful planet.

  2. So if one such as myself is taking a medication that has iodine in it from Kelp. Does this put me at risk as well?
    If so, what options do I have for treating my Thyroid and Endocrine system if Iodine can be dangerous?

    1. I would suggest you you the Iodine Loading Test to see if in fact you are deficient and how much of the Iodine you really need. YOU can order this test on my web site under Hormone Testing. There are many safe sources of Iodine such as Lugol’s Liquid and Iodoral. It is important to note that you must ingest Iodine and Iodide in order to properly balance your Thyroid.

  3. Dr.V- I am so glad that your are spreading the word about the importance of iodine and breast health. The iodine protocol has taken away any fear for me of a recurrence of breast cancer.
    As for the increase of thyroid cancer for Japanese women-Um, they just had a nuclear meltdown. Radiation kills the thyroid. Iodine will help to protect it. We all should be on iodine as the radiation that was carried from the reactors has spread worldwide.
    Here is a great video about it:
    Kelp is not a good source of iodine. It can indeed be tainted with mercury, PCB’s etc. Plus, you need to have measurable doses. Lugol’s formula is still the best way to get iodine.

  4. I’m 42yrs n had my thyroid removed 8yrs ago but before then I was using lugols iodine then stopped after the surgery, now was diagnosed of breast cancer and I have passed through chemotherapy can I continue to take the lugols iodine. Pls I need an urgent reply.

    1. Hello Imo – the recommendations we make to our clients regarding iodine dosing are based on their test results- urine iodine tests as well as their thyroid function. You can ask your Doctor to order these tests for you. If you are interested in working with us, our coaches can assist you getting the tests ordered and interpreting the results.

      I will have one of my coaches reach out to you.

  5. Hi
    I was wondering where I could find the studies you mention ion this article please e.g. increased breast cancer in thyroid patients
    I Had thyroid cancer at 15 and now have breast cancer at 35

  6. Iodine is very important for life.Anyhow This Indepth Article About Iodine and the Relation of iodine with breast Cancer.You Have Highlighted approx all the important points. Thanks For Sharing Such an amazing Post.

  7. Hi
    My mother has breast cancer since 2 years befor. She had removed her breast and chemo also radiotherapy. After one month metastasic to liver other organs free. The chemo again for metastasic and tumors were vanished. Again after few months liver metastasic for this second time. Now chemo had sttoped the growth of tumors but not removed. We tested urine iodine it is 68 and lower than 100 means deficient. We started cloidal iodine. Is it good? Also she has had radioactive iodine for her thiroid disorders befor her cancer and use livoccine dayly. Olease answer me

    1. Hello Keivan! The best way to monitor Iodine levels is with a 24 hour Loading Iodine Urine test. Always you make sure you test when it comes to supplementing with Iodine. Never guess for your health.

  8. Do you know of any studies with Iodine and Triple Negative Breast Cancer. My Daughter was diagnosed 8 weeks ago.

    1. Hello Nancy! Get with your naturopath, doctor or coach to determine the appropriate amount of Iodine for you. Make sure that you are very specific with your dosing because you do not want to guess when it comes to your health!

      1. I have no thyroid problem but I have breast cancer history. Should I be concerned about my intake? Im only taking multivitamins and iodized salt.

        1. In Dr V’s book, she states “One out of every seven women in the U.S. is iodine deficient, while the incidence of breast cancer is one in every eight.” An iodine loading test can let you know if you are low. Don’t guess… test! (..and as far as the iodized salt…. a better choice may be to use ancient sea salt like Himalayan or Celtic and supplement with iodine drops (after testing) check it out 😉 Jennifer @ can help you with the iodine test and info.

  9. Hi,
    I live in Panama. I don’t think that ordering a kit from abroad is going to work here, and especially the sending it back for analysis is certainly not going to work. Moreover, sadly I do not have access to a good naturopath here to make sure I get professional recommendations. I was diagnosed with BC in september 2018. Had a double mastectomy in Dec 2018, and turned down all other treatments. I am doing great, and just looking to make sure all is good and stays good with my health for a very long time! Iodine is clearly an important part of this process. Thank you for any suggestions you may have as to how to survey this on my own. Of course a professional would be better, but in the absence of that… I need to be creative, resourceful, and trust my ability to stay healthy. Thank you for your support!

    1. Hello Lyari! The best way to monitor your Iodine levels is by a Urine Loading test. You may be able to find an at home test kit in your local area to monitor your Iodine!

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