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Is Your Antiperspirant Increasing Your Odds for Breast Cancer?

For so many women, the morning starts with a shower and application of a sweet smelling antiperspirant, a concoction of chemicals and aluminum. Is your antiperspirant increasing the odds of you becoming a Breast Cancer statistic?

A recent study in the Journal of Applied Toxicology [1] demonstrated that high levels of  aluminum were found in women afflicted with Breast Cancer.  The fluid aspirated from the nipple of these women had high levels of aluminum, a metal that is not found in normal human tissue.  ” The reasons for the high levels of aluminum include either exposure to aluminum-based antiperspirant salts in the adjacent underarm area and/or preferential accumulation of aluminum by breast tissues.”

Antiperspirants are chemically designed to clog the pores in the arm pit with aluminum. This area is very dense with sweat glands and  lymph nodes that drain the toxins out of the breast. If you clog the pores with aluminum, all those added toxins are absorbed into the breast and may eventually lead to physiological changes and Breast Cancer.

antiperspirants and breast cancer [2]Aluminum has the potential of acting like a xeno-estrogen, or a false estrogen, that can mimic estrogen signalling in the breast tissue [3], which can lead to Breast Cancer. Aluminum has been shown to be very toxic and cause cancer in animal studies.

There are many safe and nontoxic deodorants to choose from. Read the labels and make sure there are no Parabens or other hidden toxic chemicals. Remember that anything you put ON your skin, is absorbed into the blood stream.

A wonderful resource to help you uncover toxins in every day products is the Environmental Working Group [4]. On this site you can learn about the health effects of toxic chemicals that are absorbed through your water, food and the products that you use. Learn how to limit your exposure by making informed decisions about the chemicals that you ingest through your skin or through the environment.

Eliminate your toxic exposure so you can rest assured that your deodorant is NOT increasing your odds for Breast Cancer.