Is your root canal increasing your risk for Breast Cancer?

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Blog | Oct, 08 2012

Is your root canal increasing your risk for Breast Cancer?

I talk to women with Breast Cancer from all over the globe every week. One of the questions in my Coaching program is, “Do you have root canals? If so, how many and where?” I ask the question because I believe that root canals increase your risk for Breast Cancer (or any disease for that matter) and also decrease your ability to heal and recover from Breast Cancer.

I will begin this article by stating the obvious: I am not a dentist or an endodontist and do not pretend to be so. However, I am a person who is very passionate about helping others create vibrant health and educating them about what it takes to get there.

Root canals are toxic and dangerous. Period. Your teeth are living organisms that are connected to the rest of your body with over 3 miles of tubules in each tooth. When a tooth becomes diseased to the point where it cannot be saved with a non-toxic filling or a crown, the tooth should be extracted.

Saving a dying, infected tooth would be like trying to save an infected appendix or gall bladder, stuffing it with bleach (sodium hypochlorite is routinely used in root canals) and other toxic chemicals, hoping that there would be no effects of long term infections. Sound silly?

That is exactly what happens when you get a root canal.

No matter how they try to kill the bacteria and make that tooth “aseptic” or bacteria free, the truth of the matter is that root canals are serious toxic focal sites that drip infection in the body, 24-7.

One of the toxic anaerobic bacteria that is often present in a root canal is called E. Faecalis. This particular bacterium is responsible for the formation of abscesses, pus and destruction of tissue.  In fact, root canal procedures themselves release toxic bacteria and fungi into the blood.

The root canal affects your body in 2 ways:

1.)  It creates a toxic drip of bacteria that suppresses your Immune system

2.)  Energetically the toxic tooth affects the organ connected to the tooth through the acupuncture meridian system.

The Breast Meridian is connected to the 4th and 5th tooth from the center tooth, right and left, upper and lower jaw. In other words, if you have a hunk of metal or a root canal in one of those teeth, seriously consider having that issue repaired by a biological dentist.

Dr. Robert Jones, a researcher of the relationship between root canals and breast cancer, found an extremely high correlation between root canals and breast cancer. In a 5 year study with over 300 cases, Dr. Jones found the following

•           93 percent of women with breast cancer had root canals

•           7 percent had other oral pathology

•           Tumors, in the majority of cases, occurred on the same side of the body as the root canal(s) or other oral pathology

Dr. Josef Issels, the “father of Integrative Medicine” found that, in his 40 years of treating “terminal” cancer patients, 97% of his cancer patients had root canals.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding about root canals increasing your Breast Cancer risk. If you are on the Healing Path with Breast Cancer, immediately take action by seeking out a Biological Dentist who understands the relationship between root canals and disease in the body.


16 thoughts on “Is your root canal increasing your risk for Breast Cancer?

  1. fantastic article! I talked about breast cancer today and the impact of Vitamin D – but oral hygiene is just as important. thanks so much for the post. I will share on my website and pages sam

  2. I don’t have any root canals but could you explain what the alternatives are if ever I was told I had one?

  3. How do you find a Biological Dentist and what is the difference with a regular dentist? I have a dental implant and root canal on the left side and also have DCIS in the left breast. When I first had a lumpectomy 3 years ago my breast was bruised and black and my implant hurt at the same time. This went away but took much longer than expected. My DCIS has re-accurred and I am looking into alternative ways of handling it. Any information about biological dentists in the NYC area and how to find one would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Very interesting article.

    I had a root canal on the side I have breast cancer, so I am another one for the statistics!

  5. This is a very serious allegation and it should be backed with serious science. Yet , the article of Dr. Josef Issels is no where to be found. I searched the entire scientific literature on pubmed (medical scientific literature) but i didn’t find the alleged reference of Dr. Josef Issels associating root canals to breast cancer anywhere.

  6. I have a best friend who has had breast cancer, she is now in the process of having dental treatment including root canal work. I am at a loss of what to advise.

    1. Hi Patricia! Everyone has to choose their own path in their healing journey. The best thing you can do is provide her with the information and then allow her the honor to choose for herself. Sending you and your friend love!

  7. Wondering if I should worry about my breastfed babies? I have 2 root canals, one on each side and I worry that all that junk is passing through my milk. I plan to have my root canaled teeth extracted soon but is there any research on this subject? Thank you.

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