Can a High Fat Ketogenic Diet Reverse Cancer?

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Blog | Mar, 05 2013

Can a High Fat Ketogenic Diet Reverse Cancer?

A Ketogenic Diet can be described as a diet that is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. With this type of diet, the body is forced to burn fats rather than carbohydrates or eventually glucose. If there are few carbs for the body to use as fuel, then the liver changes fat into fatty acids and eventually ketone bodies. Ketones can pass through the blood-brain barrier to provide fuel for the brain.

Interestingly, this diet was discovered in the 1920s and was used as an effective way to heal epilepsy. It also became clear that the Ketogenic Diet was very effective in healing Type 1 Diabetes.

Taking this concept 1 step further, there is evidence that this diet can also reverse cancer. Some people who read this will be shocked that a diet high in meat actually can heal the body.

If there is one thing that I have learned in my 33 years in the Wellness Industry, is that there is no cookie-cutter diet that works for everyone. Some people thrive on a plant-based diet while some thrive on a meat-based diet. The factors that influence this can be your blood type, your environment, your age, your previous health history, and your body’s ability to digest food effectively.

A perfect example of this is Elaine Cantin.  In 2010 she was diagnosed with an aggressive grade 3 Breast Cancer. She refused chemo and radiation (smart woman) and got to work on her health. Initially, she ate mostly a plant-based diet but soon realized that it was not working for her.

She did her research and realized that the presence of ketones could in fact change the pH of the blood and starve the cancer cells at the same time.

Within 2 weeks her tumor, which was the size of an egg, was down to the size of a kidney bean. A needle biopsy showed no sign of cancer.

A typical Cantin Ketogenic day looks like this:

Breakfast: eggs, natural turkey sausage and avocado

Snacks: raw almonds and seaweeds

Lunch: Chicken or fish with spinach or lightly steamed broccoli or cauliflower

Dinner: Fish or chicken with asparagus or roasted low-carb veggies.

She also recommends several tablespoons of raw organic coconut oil and olive oil.

Scientific research does show that a low-carb/Ketogenic diet has a positive impact on prostate cancer and brain cancer.

Will this work for everyone? Probably not.  But if you have tried a juice and raw diet and are not seeing the regression in cancer that you would like to see, this may be another option for you to investigate.

Elaine’s book can be purchased through Amazon. I would love to hear your feedback and results.