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Water…a simple substance made of hydrogen and oxygen. Yet the vital role that water plays in maintaining our health is absolutely miraculous. Since health and disease begin on a cellular level, how do you know if YOUR water is hydrating your cells? Nobel Prize research has proven that water that
I am often asked the question, ‘If there was one word of advice that you could give to women afflicted with Breast Cancer, what would it be?”  Since cancer is such a complex issue, there is no quick answer. However, if women would start with this 1 step, it could
What exactly did Hippocrates mean when he said, “Let food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.”?  After all, he was living at a time when pesticides and environmental toxins could not even be imagined in their worst nightmares.  According to, the definition of food is
“There is no safe dose of radiation” ~ Prof. Edward P. Radford, Physician and Epidemiologist I find it very amusing and sometimes irritating, when we stand in line at the airport and we are herded through security like cattle. With videos playing and signs strategically placed, we are being convinced