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breast thermography
In a recent study at the New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell,  a study indicated that Breast Thermography had a 97% sensitivity in discovering malignancies. The use of a Digital Infrared camera identified 58 out of 60 malignancies in breast tissue. That is very impressive! The conclusion of the medical researchers: “DITI
Antiperspirants and breast cancer
For so many women, the morning starts with a shower and application of a sweet smelling antiperspirant, a concoction of chemicals and aluminum. Is your antiperspirant increasing the odds of you becoming a Breast Cancer statistic? A recent study in the Journal of Applied Toxicology demonstrated that high levels of 
benefit of broccoli and breast cnacer
If your mother reminded you to “Eat your Broccoli”, she had many reasons to. The Benefit of Broccoli and Breast Cancer have made headlines in scientific journals for many years. There are 2 key ingredients that are vital to healing and preventing cancer. 1. The Broccoli sprout is very high
BPA and beast cancer
Bispenol A or BPA, is an organic compound  that has raised a serious question about the relationship between BPA and Breast Cancer. BPA  is used to make plastics and epoxy resins. It is added to the lining of canned foods and drinks to prevent the food from reacting with the