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In the second of this 2-Part series, we will take a look at radiation therapy. How does it work? How can you recover your health after treatment? And, most importantly, which natural substances can not only boost your immune system but also help you have a more effective treatment possible?
If you decide to go the traditional route of chemotherapy and/or radiation on your healing journey with Breast Cancer, it is paramount that you know how to counter both the short and the long term side effects that are inevitably a part of these conventional treatments. In this two-part series,
How you “assimilate and eliminate” is just as important as what you put in your body. Making sure that detoxification is working for you means taking care of the major organs and systems that are involved in the process, especially the liver. Research is discovering a little-known substance called Calcium-D-glucarate
Spending hours behind a computer and under the glare of LEDs is a fact of modern life for most working people. Another sad fact is that overexposure to blue light, or “junk light,” can have dire consequences for sleep patterns, eye health and overall disease risk. There are proven things