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  It’s a stressful “holiday” time of year for many people, and especially in the era of COVID. So many of you have reached out and have asked for help in dealing with the stresses of life.  Stress is a part of our lives—emotional stress, work stress, financial stress, the
The year 2020 found most of us spending more time than usual in our homes. Things that we would normally do “out there,” such as working and schooling our children, were done within the confines of those four walls. This means that creating a toxin-free home was and is more
This is the time of year where the majority of people are thinking about gifts for their friends and family. So why not think about giving something that will have an impact on their health all year long? I have listed the top 10 products that I personally use, enjoy,
Care for a Glass of Wine?
As many of you know, I will never get on the “one glass a day” bandwagon when it comes to wine. That being said, since I am French, I do appreciate a great red wine every once in a while! That was why during my second healing journey with Breast