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Oral heath is foundational for vibrant health. Essential #5 stresses the importance of embracing biological dentistry as part of a healthy breast plan.  Some oral situations go beyond root canals and mercury fillings that lead to dis-ease. “Leaky Mouth” is one such condition. The Mouth is Part of the Digestive Tract
The main causes of any disease is oxidative stress (OS). OS causes chronic inflammation which can lead directly to dis-eases like Breast Cancer. However, there are many natural mechanisms that can lower OS, inflammation, and risk for dis-ease. One powerful mechanism is HYDROGEN, especially in the form of hydrogen water.
If you have been on a Healthy Breast journey for a while, then it should be no secret to you that cancer cells feed on glucose. Armed with this knowledge, you know that you must AVOID SUGARY FOODS at all costs if you want to prevent and heal cancer. If
I have celebrated victory over breast cancer twice! When I found that first marble-sized “lump” in my left breast in 2004,  I was performing a Breast Self-Exam (BSE) in the shower. Finding that lump changed the course of my life personally and professionally, forever! Of course, I was initially shocked,