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Did you know that periodontal disease affects half the American population? This is a true health crisis, since gum disease can not only lead to tooth loss but is also connected to dozens of chronic disease conditions, including breast cancer. There is a way out of the cycle of periodontal
The custom of drinking tea has been around for thousands of years. Legend has it that  in 2737 B.C.E., the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong was boiling water in his garden. A wild tea tree leaf landed in the steaming pot and the leaf began to infuse.  The emperor curiously drank
Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, are gases which are emitted from chemicals used to created scented products—and your toxic laundry detergent may contain dozens of them. A groundbreaking study conducted by the University of Washington found over 100 Volatile Organic Compounds in common commercial laundry soap, many of them known
 Science is finally beginning to catch up to what we all know is true: the connection between emotions and cancer is real. If you are a Healing Diva or have been reading my blogs for a while, then you probably know that Essential #4 of my 7 Essentials System ®