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According to traditional dentistry, a root canal is a procedure that a dentist “first accesses the pulp chambers inside the tooth, then cleans it out and finally fills it.” Sounds pretty innocent, right? In reality, what happens is this: a “dead organ”, your tooth,  is left in the mouth and
A survey conducted by NSF International found that way over half of all Americans are concerned about toxins in personal care products. However, the majority admit that they do not do their own research about ingredients. By now we all know that there are some pretty “bad stuff” in the
Spending time in nature can be one of the most healing things you can do on your Healthy Breast path. If you already make it a priority to connect with the trees, beaches or rolling hills in your region, this may seem obvious. If you don’t, however, you are missing
The Centers for Disease Control states that “millions of Americans” have parasites within them. This means that odds are, you do to. Gross, I know. But before you click off this article, take a minute to consider this. Those unwelcome guests may be raising your risk of Breast Cancer. There