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Epigenetics and you! Your DNA is NOT your destiny. You do have control over your health and your life! For too long, we were taught that you “got what you got.” You don’t have much control over your lot – at least regarding your body and health. However, the science
toxic cookware
In the modern world we live in, convenience rules our busy days. Which makes sense that over 90% of kitchens in America have at least one microwave and are filled with toxic cookware. Microwaves heat up our meals and coffee, quickly and effortlessly, but oftentimes in toxic cookware such as
Gut health
At a Glance: About 80% of your immune system cells exist along the digestive tract! Meaning, the health of your immune system is intricately linked to the health of your gut/digestive system. Microbe Formulas created a Foundational Protocol that provides a 4-phrase approach to put you on the path to
Breast Health Gifts
At this time of year, many people are wondering what kind of gifts they want to share with their family and friends. Although I personally do not participate in gift giving at this time of year, we get many requests about ideas for gifts revolving around health. Here are a