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The thought of having living  parasites crawling inside of us is quite disgusting. But the reality is that most of us are infested with parasites, unless we have taken the time to do yearly parasite cleanses. If you are on a healing journey with Breast Cancer, Essential #2: Reduce your
Blood Root is a flowering perennial plant native to eastern North America that displays delicate white flowers in the spring. But the power of the plant lies in its root system where a special plant alkaloid or chemical is stored. That herbal chemical is called Sanguinarine.  Historically, Blood root was
healing breast cancer
This is an excerpt from the book “Manage Side Effects of Chemo“ by Jillian Exton from Australia. She experienced the side effects of chemo, radiation and surgery. She lived the cancer journey but was always looking for healthy ways to manage the side effects with nutritional and herbal supplementation. This book is research
iodine and breast cancer
The role of Iodine and Breast Cancer is gaining much needed attention. Women taking thyroid medications appear to be twice as likely to develop Breast Cancer compared to women not taking thyroid medications.  Since Iodine is the only element needed for hormone production, a deficiency in this element can affect