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How to "cure" breast cancer with the 7 Essentials
Part of being Proactive with Prevention is adopting  very early detection. Inflammatory Breast Cancer is known as the Silent Killer because it is not detected with a mammogram. The Pink Ribbon Industry is falling short by NOT informing women about an amazing screening tool that can save countless lives.
reduce toxins
One of the 7 Essentials has to do with Reducing Your Toxic Exposure. For years, the Breast Cancer Fund has documented the strong link between toxic chemicals and breast cancer. And it comes as no surprise that many other diseases—such as asthma, certain cancers, learning disabilities, autism, obesity and fertility
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Healing cancer with 7 essentials
Obviously, making a claim about “How to Cure Breast Cancer” is a little bold and daring. The information presented in this blog has not been approved by the FDA, AMA or any Federal or State agency. This blog contains general information and my opinion and is not intended, nor should