Meridian Tapping for Breast Cancer Stress

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Blog | Mar, 20 2012

Meridian Tapping for Breast Cancer Stress

meridian tapping for breast cancer stress

Meridian tapping for Breast Cancer stress may sound a little weird. However, for anyone who has experienced Breast Cancer, the stress levels associated with all the aspects of Breast Cancer can be pretty high. Finding a simple, drug free solution to handling the stress was such a blessing for me as I was on my journey.

When you are faced with Breast Cancer, you have major decisions to make about treatment and lifestyle changes. Then there is the big question: WHY? What has brought me to this point?

I believe that if most women took the time to step back and examine their stress levels, they would clearly see that there were major events in their lives  that may have led to their physical challenge of Breast Cancer.

Studies conducted as far back as 1993 demonstrated that DNA damage is induced by psychological stress.

Dr. R.G. Hamer, a renowned German physician and cancer surgeon, examined over 20,000 patients with all types of cancer. By comparing x-rays of their brains and the location of the cancer in the body, Dr. Hamer came to this conclusion:

“I searched for cancer in the cell and I have found it in the brain.”

Dr. Hamer felt that any cancer began with an extremely harsh emotional shock that would “short circuit” a specific area of the brain and then in turn affect a particular organ.

Emotions (e-motions) are “energy in motion”.  So if energy gets blocked anywhere in the body because of emotional trauma, it can create an imbalance of the flow of energy in the body.  Chinese medicine often refers to this flow of energy in the body as CHI.

Meridian Tapping for Breast Cancer Stress is also known as EFT.

The Basic Principle of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) relates to the acupuncture meridians and clearing emotional of physical pain while tapping on specific acupuncture points.

EFT works because of the following principles:

1.         Anxiety or stress create definite changes in brain activity, both electrical and chemical

2.         Stimulating acupuncture points sends signals to various parts of the brain, but especially the limbic system or the emotional part of the brain.

3.         While making a statement or affirmation and about a past or present stressful event you stimulate an acupuncture point, it alters the electrical pathway and “releases” the energetic connection and hold that it has on us emotionally.

According to Gary Craig, the modern day developer of EFT,

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”

There are 2 key meridians that run through the breasts:

1.         Spleen meridian

2.         Stomach meridian

Emotionally, these meridians have been associated with the following:

Low self-esteem                   Criticismmeridian tapping for breast cancer stress

Rejection                              Anxiety

Disapproval                          Hopelessness

Worry                                    Disappointment 

Taking the time to sit down and think about your emotional wounds, whether they are from childhood or more recent, will help peel the layers. Releasing these wounds and letting them go, will free your mind and body to focus on healing. Relieving stress, even it is a subconscious stress, can help you move one step closer to being a Breast Cancer Conqueror.

For a simple training video and demonstration of EFT and Breast Cancer, visit the Video tab:

You may also order a step by step guide on how to use EFT for Breast Cancer in my e Book entitled: Still Wondering if Stress Causes Cancer? Learn How to Easily Heal Your Emotional Wounds.

If you have any questions about Meridian Tapping and Breast Cancer Stress, please feel free to comment.






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