The Next Best Thing To Fruits and Vegetables

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Blog | Dec, 15 2014

The Next Best Thing To Fruits and Vegetables

What could be the next best thing to fruits and vegetables? We all have a pretty good idea that we should get plenty of fruits and veggies in our diet, but do we honestly get our daily intake every day? Our busy lives can certainly make it challenging to make our eating habits a priority each and every day.

According to Web MD, “Adults need anywhere from 7-13 cups of produce daily to get all the health benefits of fruits and vegetables – including possible protection against obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.”  Even in a good week, I have to admit that getting that many vegetables in every single day can be a challenge.  

So I am thrilled that I finally took the time to look at the science and research behind Juice Plus. I have to humbly admit that I have been a skeptic for years about the product and I never took the time to look past my own preconceived idea of dehydrated vegetables in a capsule. Then, one fateful day, I was a Key Note Speaker at a Thermography Conference and met a beautiful lady named Elizabeth. She approached me to let me know that she loved my book and my presentation and that she was very supportive of the work I was doing. She then went on to explain that she had shared a whole-food-based products with people for over 20 years. She  was very knowledgeable about nutrition and backed up the benefit of the Juice Plus products with science.  

In fact, Juice Plus is the only nutrition-based product that has more than 30 research studies conducted by universities and hospitals around the world. I was hooked, because I am all about evidence-based research.

One of the key points for me in purchasing and sharing this product was the fact that the fruits and vegetables are dehydrated at very low temperatures, which means the nutrients and enzymes are still intact. Another bonus is that the sugar is removed from the fruit blends which removes the issue of getting concentrated forms of sugar in that many fruits.

Two small capsules of each of the Orchard and Garden Blend contain 20 fruits and vegetables. Add the Vineyard blend capsules and you are getting 9 additional berries to nourish your body Juice Plusevery day.

Here are a few highlights of the clinical research:

1.) Supports the Immune System

Consumption of Juice Plus capsules for 77 days resulted in increased plasma nutrients and anti-oxidant capacity, reduction to DNA strand breaks and an increase in circulating T cells.

2.) Helps Protect DNA

An 80 day study with elderly patients taking Juice Plus found that the vegetable and fruit extracts reduced the level of DNA damage in their peripheral lymphocytes.

3.) Reduces Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress leads to inflammation and many chromic degenerative diseases. After only 60 days, the nutrients in Juice Plus significantly reduced inflammatory markers and increased SOD and micronutrient levels. (SOD is superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant enzyme that that speeds up detoxification and reduces oxidative stress.)

4.) Lowers Homocysteine Levels

Improper methylation can lead to higher levels of homocysteine as well as increased aggressive estrogen metabolites. After only 4 weeks on Juice Plus capsules, homocysteine levels dropped significantly.

 Personally, I have been on the product for almost 4 weeks and I can honestly say that I have noticed amazing benefits:

  • Improved digestion and bowel movements.
  • Deeper sleep. (Although I have slept very well for many years now, the last 2-3 weeks I have experienced a deeper more restful sleep. I was trying to figure out what I had done differently in the last few weeks and duh….it dawned on me. The only thing that I have done differently has been adding Juice Plus to my daily regime.)
  • Sustained energy throughout the day.

Through the sciences of Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics, we know that our food dramatically impacts our gene expression either in a positive or negative way. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables are at the core of vibrant health, which is why out of my 7 Essentials, I chose “Let Food Be Your Medicine” as the #1 Essential.  Specific nutrients in food turn on healthy genetic switches that keep our body functioning at optimal levels.

So if you are looking for the next best thing to eating all your fruits and vegetables every day, Juice Plus capsules may be for you.

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