The Essential Experience with Sandra Pascal

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| Jul, 15 2019

The Essential Experience with Sandra Pascal

Sandra Pascal is a Breast Cancer Conqueror who has used the 7 Essentials System® to heal naturally.  Sandra uses Essential Oils as part of her healing protocol and is passionate about sharing this love of oils with the world.

In this episode, Sandra lists some of the best Essential oils and blends to use while on a breast cancer healing journey.  She tells the story of her own diagnosis with Breast Cancer and how healing her emotional wounds was paramount on her journey.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(1:12) – Sandra’s story

(5:42) – Finding the 7 Essentials System®

(11:50) – The decision to do surgery

(14:37) – Attitude of grattitude

(16:16) – Finding support from family and friends

(20:01) – Essential Oils for a Breast Cancer healing journey