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What to look for when buying post lumpectomy or mastectomy bras and swimsuits

“A good friend is like the perfect bra – comfortable to be around, always provides support, and is close to your heart!”

Besides when your doctor recommends wearing a bra post lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery, I’ll start by saying I always suggest not wearing a bra whenever possible––let yourself be free! You don’t need to be strapped down and restrict your lymph nodes (lymphocytes) as they are the body’s main type of immune cells. This could possibly lead to them not working as well as they should.

While we are on the topic, let’s crush a few more myths. Wearing a bra does not prevent your breasts from sagging, and not wearing one doesn’t cause your breasts to sag. Bras don’t impact the shape of your breasts. In fact, wearing a sweaty bra for too long can cause fungal and yeast infections, rashes, and blisters––so let those ta-tas air out and frolic around! However, I understand that sometimes you need to wear a bra, especially for support. For these times, I suggest choosing a wireless bra that is a blend of cotton and spandex (if possible, buy organic cotton).

Swimsuit and Bra Shopping with Dr. V!

Now, back to breast cancer bra and swimsuit shopping with me! Get your reusable bag ready (no toxic plastic bags for us!), and let’s hit the shops! You have a lot going on right now––figuring out how to heal yourself, navigating your new world, wondering if you should get reconstructive surgery [1] or implants [2]. Not to mention taking your kids to 3 different sports practices, prepping all your ingredients for your healing journey protocol, and taking the time to do your coffee enemas––agghh! We got you and are here to share what is breast for your breast!

Post Lumpectomy or Mastectomy Surgery Swimsuits to Wear Two women holding hands and jumping into a swimming pool. They're excited and having fun.

‘Seas’ the day! Post lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery is a perfect reason to jump in the ocean or a pool, (after your incision has healed), splash around, float and bask in the sunshine, and get some laps in! Swimming is a wonderful cardiovascular health exercise that brings joy to your body, mind, and soul!

Here are some things to look for:

Post Lumpectomy or Mastectomy Surgery Bras to Wear

Here are some things to look for:

mastectomy bra

This insight, advice, and very strong encouragement is for every single person who wears a bra:

You can still be sexy and feel fantastic––and bra shopping after surgery can be empowering! YES. All true! Gone are the days of unattractive and matronly bras. You are a  beautiful breast cancer conqueror––buy yourself some bras and swimsuits that reflect your true self! 

Oils for breast health

Another way to show your breasts some love and healing is to use Healthy Girls Breast Oil. [3] It is a wonderfully scented, essential oil-based moisturizing massage oil that is specifically designed to nourish breast tissue. Recent research at Purdue University and other acclaimed institutions have discovered that the phytonutrients (called “terpenes”) within these particular essential oils are anti-inflammatory and can actually reduce tumor activity! I use it every evening before I put on my PJs to massage my breasts and to move the lymph in that area. Always move the pressure towards your armpit.

Click HERE [3] to learn more about the benefits and healing properties in each of the different oils that make up Healthy Girls Breast Oil.

And just like a good bra provides support and is close to your heart, so is the Breast Cancer Conqueror team! From private coaching [4] to our Instagram [5], we are here for you and your life-long journey as a conqueror!