Powerful Proof That This Medicinal Mushroom Really Works

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Blog | Oct, 06 2015

Powerful Proof That This Medicinal Mushroom Really Works

We all know the importance of having a strong immune system. Quite simply, when the immune system remains healthy, you remain healthy. But when the immune system is compromised,  the natural killer cells become weak and aren’t able to destroy and keep cancer cells in check, allowing cancer to spread. The Agaricus Blazei Murill (ABM) mushroom is turning some heads because of its ability to support your immune system.

I first became aware of this medicinal mushroom after seeing positive cytotoxic reactions (kills cancer cells) in the Greece Test results of many of my clients. I did a bit of research and was quite impressed with the effectiveness of this particular mushroom.

ABM mushrooms are used in oncological therapy in Japan and Brazil and are associated with wiping out Ehrlich’s ascites carcinoma, sigmoid colonic cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer as well as solid cancers.

As you continue your healing journey and focus on Letting Food Be Your Medicine (Essential #1), you may want to learn more about this edible mushroom.

So what does this mushroom have that makes it so special?

natural killerScientists discovered ABM mushrooms while investigating why natives in Sao Paolo, Brazil enjoy long lifetimes. What they found is that ABM mushrooms  contain:

  • Beta-glucans, which are long-chain polysaccharides(complex sugars) known to stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation
  • Derivatives of ergosteroal, a potent anti-tumor agent
  • Double stranded RNA, an anti-viral agent
  • Proteoglycans and protein bound polysaccharides, which are immune enhancers
  • Plus, vitamins (especially vitamin D), minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, digestive enzymes – a total of 192 nutrients which make it a very strong adaptogen to bring the body into homeostasis

And the studies say…

While ABM mushrooms encapsulate all these essentials, the studies including ABM exhibit its powerful potential for healing cancer.

Studies include:

Next steps

While the studies offer very promising results, some are calling for more research to establish a standard treatment. However, there are so many great benefits to ABM mushrooms that I recommend adding them to your daily care.

While the ABM mushroom is edible, delicious, meaty and has a pronounced almond-extract flavor, the best way to connect with its medicinal benefits is through a top notch supplement. In researching to find the best sources, I came across Atlas World, which is American owned and operated.

Atlas World’s Agaricus blazei is produced organically in the United States, by a leading fungal biology company with a history spanning over 70 years. Their production facility is highly controlled and designed to mimic the conditions of Piedade, Brazil, where the mushrooms originated.

The mushrooms grow in rooms that are warm, with high humidity, frequent showers, and cool evenings. Unlike conditions in the wild, the substrate the mushrooms are grown on is of the best quality and is certified organic. After growth, our mushrooms are carefully harvested by hand and then dried gently, to minimize any degradation to compounds contained in the mushroom. All mushrooms and mushroom substrates are subjected to an array of quality assurance tests prior to use, to insure the highest quality product.

If you have any interest in adding these potent mushrooms to your preventive or healing protocol, head to my store to pick up a few bottles. Keeping your immune system alert and strong is key to creating vibrant health and longevity.

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as Dr. V, is the founder of The 7 Essentials System ™, a step-by-step guide that teaches you exactly how to prevent and heal Breast Cancer Naturally. To get your F.R.E.E. 7 day mini e-course, and to receive her weekly action steps and inspiring articles on the power of Natural Medicine, visit https://breastcancerconqueror.com/.



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