proactive PattyProactive Patty

“You are looking to experience vibrant health and want to do everything you can to prevent Breast Cancer.”

Who You Are

As Proactive Patty, you are concerned about your genetic predisposition because your mother, or aunts or sister had Breast Cancer, but so far, you are OK, or so you think. You want to stay ahead of the game with diagnostic tests and tools that will support very early detection. You are smart, have done your research and have made some changes in your lifestyle, but you are not sure if it is enough to keep you really healthy. You want to experience vibrant health and live your life to your full potential.


testimonial 4 v2What Your Challenges Tend to Be

Although you feel good most of the time, you feel that your hormones are out of balance. You either have heavy and painful cycles or you are approaching menopause or have gone through menopause and you don’t like how you are feeling. You used to sleep like a baby but now you might have difficulty getting a very restful and refreshing night’s sleep. You supplement with certain vitamins and herbs but you are not sure if that is what you really need.

Perhaps you have had a few Thermograms or mammograms that are “suspicious” and you are tired of being poked and prodded. Maybe you  have very fibrocystic breasts,  but no one knows to do about it. With your family history of Breast Cancer, you are concerned.

testimonial 5 v2What You Need Most Right Now

You want to feel better and want a crystal clear program that will help you reach your goal of improved health. You are looking for ways to balance your hormones naturally as well as specific tests for very early detection  so you can feel confident  that you are cancer free. You love learning and are willing to expand your knowledge about not only your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health. You are serious about  being proactive and doing the work to get you there.




OK, so what’s The 7 Essentials System™ all about, anyway?


The 7 Essentials System is a complete and step-by-step course that shows you exactly how to prevent “dis-ease” and heal your body.  By transforming your lifestyle over a relatively short period of time, you immediately start seeing results in your health and in your life.

When you shift the way you have been doing things most of your life, everything changes and you start living a healthier, happier more fulfilling life.

I created The 7 Essentials System™ because I have experienced those 3 AM sweats….. You know what I am talking about….you wake up worrying about your health, your symptoms and wondering about the best path to take to improve your health. There is information overload out there and you may have felt confused, frustrated and overwhelmed by the maze of products and protocols.

The 7 Essentials System™ is based on over 35 years of my profession and personal experience in the Wellness Industry. (You can read about some of the extraordinary results from the many testimonials on my web site. )

This step-by-step program allows you to systematically improve your health with clearly defined goals and action steps.

It’s the ultimate healthy lifestyle system that removes all the guesswork, waste and frustration out of creating a lifestyle that will bring results.

It’s time to stop struggling and guessing about your health.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What can I do to finally feel better?” this program is for you. It shows you where to start and what to do every step of the way.

The 7 Essentials System™ will provide you with a lot more energy and vibrant health, while learning to get in touch with your heart and greater purpose.  Healing your body is not just about a physical transformation, but it is also about healing your mind, heart and spirit. Learn to live a life where you feel happy, whole and complete because you have taken responsibility for your health and have discovered your true authentic self.


Here are some of the highlights that you can expect out of The 7 Essentials System™

  • Hone in on specific protocols that are best suited for your needs
  • Create an easy-to-live-with lifestyle that supports your health
  • Learn more about evidence-based natural medicines and why they work
  • Reach your health goals quicker and with less stress
  • Work with someone who has over 35 years of experience in the Wellness Industry
  • Feel more relaxed and less stressed because you have a workable plan of action
  • Get proven strategies that have supported women all over the globe
  • Save time and money trying to figure out what works
  • Implement lifestyle changes so you can put this behind you once and for all


The Prevention Track

If you can relate to Proactive Patty, then the Prevention Track may be right for you.

Here is what you can expect with the Prevention Track

  • 2 months of coaching
  • 2 hours of one on one time with Dr. V (1 initial hour then 2- 30 minute segments)
  • An in depth 15 page questionnaire on The 7 Essentials
  • The Shocking Truth E book Series
  • 2 Audio MP3 downloads that answer important questions about Breast Health
  • Personally autographed #1 Best Seller – Heal Breast Cancer Naturally
  • Weekly Action Steps emails that keep you motivated and accountable
  • Specific recommendations based on YOUR personal prevention goals
  • 15% discount on the coaching, tests, and products. 


If you are interested in just the Coaching Program, then click here.

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