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Probiotics and Cancer

The role of Probiotics and Cancer is foundational for Immune System vitality and absorption of your nutrients. Most people do not make the connection between their digestive system and overall health.
Let’s start with some basics. We have all experienced the effects of a toilet backing up because of a clog of toilet paper or too much “you know what”…the stench and the disgusting cleanup is no fun.
Your colon is no different. Your colon is like a sewer system and is designed to expel the waste matter from food and other metabolic processes. If you do not have a healthy flora full of happy probiotics, your “sewer system” is backing up into your body. What should be coming out, gets re-absorbed as it pushes through the intestinal wall and re-circulates into the blood stream…..gross! As the body becomes increasingly toxic, proper oxidation cannot take place on a cellular level. Without proper oxygen and with a plethora of toxic materials, the cells become stressed and your Immune System becomes compromised.
The lining of your GI tract has more surface area than your external skin. There are over a billion nerve endings in the lining of your intestines. It interacts with over 20 hormones and it contains 70% to 80% of your body’s immune cells. Healthy gut = healthy body.

What is the role of Probiotics in Cancer prevention?

Probiotics literally means “for life”. In scientific terms, probiotics are live, healthy bacteria that protect your digestive system from unhealthy bacteria, viruses and parasites.
As far back as the early 1900’s, a Russian scientist suggested that disease and the aging process came as a result of “auto-intoxication” due to unhealthy bacteria producing phenols, indols and ammonia in the gut. Improving the gut flora with fermented foods that contained “lactic acid” bacteria seemed to have many health benefits.
Finally by 1989, the Journal of Applied Bacteriology stated [1], “There is good evidence that the complex microbial flora present in the gastrointestinal tract of all warm-blooded animals is effective in providing resistance to disease.

Thus the role of Probiotics and Cancer prevention is part of Essential #1: Let Food Be Your Medicine.

When I am coaching women with Breast Cancer, they must fill out a comprehensive questionnaire which gives me a clear picture of their dietary habits and elimination habits.

Probiotics play an important in the healing and prevention of Breast Cancer.

anti cancer diet [2]For thousands of years, fermented foods have been a part of many cultures. The Mediterranean and Middle Eastern diets have credited the relatively low rates of chronic degenerative diseases to the daily use of fermented milk and vegetable products. The Asian culture also included high probiotic fermented foods like miso and tempeh in their daily eating.

According to Life Extension magazine, there is a new silence emerging known as Pharma-biotics, which uses probiotic organisms in the treatment and prevention of disease. According to the Journal of Food Microbiology, “ Pharma- biotics provides an almost limitless source of biologically active materials which can influence human health.”

Probiotics work on several levels:

  1. They fight off unhealthy organisms and reduce the risk of infection
  2. They regulate Immune responses
  3. They help fight inflammatory responses and reduce your risk of cancer
  4. They support the healthy function of elimination form the colon.
  5. They even have an effect on allergies and obesity.

Start today to incorporate Probiotics into your daily regime. There are many reliable sources that can be found at your local Natural Market or Whole Foods. Make sure there is a minimum of 3 billion live bacteria per serving with multiple Lactobacillus and Bifido strains.
Now you can Be Proactive with Prevention by incorporating Probiotics into your life.