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Package Deal

All 4 products were designed to work together and serve a specific function critical to your recovery.  Orasal contains the Salicinium.  (You will need 2 bottles of this per month to reach saturation) . React is a blend of colostrum which makes your Immune System very reactive. (You will need 2 bottles of this per month)  Alk-ALign is a high pH product that is not digested in your stomach, but is released in your bloodstream, improving the alkalinity of the blood and tissues. pHenomenal is a concentrate which removes uric acid and lactic acid from your tissues. ( It is shipped in 2 liters so you have enough for the month, depending on your body weight)

The Package Deal Includes (2 Orasal, 2 React, 1 Alk-Align and 1 pHenomenal)