7 Day Sample Breast Cancer Healing Menu

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Main Courses | Jul, 15 2013

7 Day Sample Breast Cancer Healing Menu

So many of you have asked for a cook book and menu ideas that can be implemented on a Breast Cancer Healing Journey. I am busy as a beaver working on my first book of a series, “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally”. One of the books will be a cook book filled with meal planning ideas, charts and Delectable Dishes that support a healing journey and a prevention lifestyle. Here is a real-life 7 day sample menu that I created while I was on my healing journey. It is simple, curative, therapeutic and most importantly, it is grain free and very low in sugar. Bon Appétit!


  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast Green juice Almond flour muffin Green juice
Lunch Smoothie Green juice Smoothie
Dinner  Chicken soup Organic chicken Wild Salmon
Broccoli salad Sautee broccoli Caesar salad
Snacks Almonds/pecans Raw almond crackers celery sticks,almond butter
Liquids Chaga tea Green tea Chaga tea
Green tea Chage tea Kombucha
Lemon water Lemon water Lemon water
  Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Breakfast Flax bread/green juice Green juice Green smoothie
Lunch Budwig with blueberries Avocado salad Raw vegetable soup
Dinner  Beef broccoli stew 1 egg Cod
Spinach salad Salmon/Spinach salad Sautee broccoli
Snacks green apple/almond butter Almond dip/celery sticks Raw apple pie
Liquids Chaga tea Green tea  Chaga tea
Kombucha Chaga tea Green tea
Lemon water Lemon water Lemon water
Breakfast Day 7
Lunch Green juice
Dinner  Hard boiled egg/spinach salad
Baked chicken
Snacks Quinoa Broccoli casserole
Sunflower seeds/pecans
 Liquids Green tea
Lemon water



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