Apricot Seed Almond Butter

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Portfolio | Mar, 03 2014

Apricot Seed Almond Butter

This week I posted a blog about the Power of Apricot Seeds. The sugar-cyanide molecule that is found in the Apricot Seed is toxic to cancer cells but does not harm healthy cells. How’s that for amazing selective toxicity? The drawback is that many people find the apricot kernels too bitter to eat. So with a little creativity, anything is possible! Here is an example of what you can do by grinding up the seeds and blending them in almond butter. You can also sprinkle them in your smoothie or salad. Remember to introduce them to your diet slowly and only eat a few per day at first.  Bon Appétit!

Place 1/3 cup of Almond Butter in a small bowl

Grind 10 Apricot Seeds and blend them in the Almond Butter.

If you find the mixture too bitter, add a few drops of stevia.

Place the mixture on crackers or celery stick.

Remember to eat only a few teaspoons at a time. Enjoy!

  • Dear Dr. V,
    I been reading Christbeatcancer .
    This is my second accurance of breast cancer and was dealing with it since 2007 and I tried few things through alternatives. Past about 3 or 4 months it started to grow fast. My thermal Image showed changes. So I was told I should get it look at. I recently did biopsy and Mri and will be seeing Oncology next week with my sister and cousin. We are in somewhat different level. I been fighting inside that I do not want any chemo or radiation. I will be having surgery May 21 to remove. It isn’t my real desire but I do have the peace . It may be attach to the muscles and I am coughing some. Couple days ago I was successful to remove one old root canal and 2 canivation done. I do feel lighter. Dr. V, I am hard of hearing since birth, single, 55, and Christian. I have done the Gerson Diet for 4 months few years ago, but it got too much and stop but I still did my best eat good but I struggle so much about nutritional. I have decided to try again the Gerson . Right now it all emotionally as surgery coming up. There are more in my thoughts ,I’m not so good with writing all. I would like to know what I can do after surgery to help build my immune system and naturally. I am strong believer against chemo or radiation and I am afraid they will gentle guide me what ever the oncology say about my reports from biopsy. I never did the biopsy 2007. I had one in 1998 early stage dcis and had lumpsectomy , radiation. And I did started to detoxification and so forth . I hope it was alright to write this long on the comment. Thank you. I plan to write to Chris. Patti Venne

  • Dr. V my name is Laura and I have breast I had a stage 2 breast cancer I had a partial mastectomy and I say I have to have chemo radiation and the 5-year pill. I would rather eat the apricot pit would you please advise me

  • I was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma in 2003, my father put me onto apricot kernels and as soon as I found out I was eating 5-6 seeds a day. I used to get a bit of a sweat on my brow at first and yes they are bitter, I also chugged down noni juice each day. Anyway the doctors said I was pretty much dead and they could try chemo. They did another blood test…..nothing…they checked my glands and put me in various machines…nothing. No chemo but surveillance. 12 months later another popped up near the excised site, again, yep your dead can’t do much secondary’s are a death sentence (surgeon didn’t remove the required amount) he said that was old way. They removed it, another stage 4, same deal, heaps of kernels and noni juice and nothing found, I’m still here today! Don’t give up, try everything I even had a healing crystal with me the whole time, after both melanomas it went from clear to cloudy…..you judge.