Green Drink

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Beverages | Mar, 15 2012

Green Drink

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Now THIS is a green drink! A simple and easy way to get a nutritional boost for anytime of the day is with a Green Smoothie. Although juicing has been popular for years,  blending green drinks is definitely taking on some popularity. Blending a smoothie with a high powered blender like a Vita mix, serves many purposes:

1.) Greens like Kale are surprisingly high in protein and many minerals
2.) Blending breaks down the fibers in the greens and makes it more digestible.
3.) Greens alkalize the body which discourages the growth of unhealthy cells and pathogens.
4.) The chlorophyll in the greens is like drinking liquid sunshine and oxygenates your cells.
5.) Adding Spirulina to your smoothie gives it an added punch of Calcium, protein and trace minerals.

A wonderful source of recipes and ideas for green smoothies can be found in the book Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko. Her web site is:

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