Green Smoothie

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Beverages | Jul, 25 2012

Green Smoothie

Juicing vegetables and a few low glycemic fruits is an excellent way to nourish and cleanse the body. However, a new green revolution has taken place with “blending”. With the use of a high power blender like a Vitamix, you can get the benefits of the whole plant and not simply the juice. Kale has the highest nutritional value of any vegetable, so I typically use it as the main green ingredient. Why not try a cleansing “fast” by drinking a green drink for a few days? After accomplishing a 10 day fast I felt very rejuvenated and clear headed. Try it for a few days and share your experience with me. Bon Appétit!

Here is a basic blending recipe. Try to use only organic vegetables and fruits.

6 large kale leaves, with large stems removed

1 large handful of spinach

2 celery stalks

1 green apple

1 cup raspberries or blueberries

½ lemon, rind and all

Add 2-3 cups of water depending on how thick you like your smoothie. If at first you find the greens too bitter, you can add a bit of Stevia to sweeten it. Drink 1-2 quarts of greens every day.

If you are not fasting, you can also add grass fed raw organic whey protein, flax seed oil or fish oil, powdered probiotics or any other liquid nutrient.

The Raw Family has a wonderful web site that has many recipes and a book that I highly recommend you read: Greens for Life by Victoria Boutenko


  • I love the green drink, it should help me shed a few pounds. You just AMAZE me. Grand lady. Have a question about flax seed, flax oil. Get mixed messages, about taking flax in any form, if there is a possibility of cancer in the breast. What is your thought on that. SHINE ON!

    • I personally believe that the studies done on the effects of Flax seed oil outweigh any others. A great resource of information about flax seed oil is
      Enjoy the green drinks!

  • I have to ask you about the celery. I find it has very nutritional value and the flavor really overwhelms the smoothie. Do you think it’s worth including?

    Also, half a banana does a REALLY good job of covering up the bitterness of the kale. I prefer that to Splenda, but that’s just a matter of taste, obviously.

    Last, I’m assuming you remove the seeds from the lemon half before tossing it in the blender? I don’t think my Vitamix has managed to chew up seeds yet…

    Thanks for sharing your information.

    • Hi Janae,
      No, you don’t have to include the celery. Your vitamix will chew up the lemon seeds just like the apple seeds. Try Stevia instead of Splenda since Splenda is so toxic. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad you are enjoying the information.

  • I LOVE my green monsters! I start off at least 5 days a week with one.
    I haven’t tried with lemon and apple. I will have to try. Mine?

    Almond milk
    1/2 frozen banana
    some frozen fruit (berries, etc)
    sometimes some almond butter
    Wheat grass powder

    Whey bothers my stomach and I’m not “vegan” so I do sometimes add plain Greek yogurt for added protein. Yum!

    Thanks for sharing!