Mashed “No-tatoes”

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Portfolio | May, 09 2012

Mashed “No-tatoes”

Do you love the traditional mashed potatoes but know that it is not exactly a nutrient dense food? For years I avoided mashed potatoes because I knew that they added very little nutrition and provided over 26 grams of carbs, with very little fiber and protein. Potatoes are also part of the nightshade family and has a plant chemical called Solanine that may cause an Immune  reaction in the gut. These Mashed “No-tatoes” are made with cauliflower and offer a great alternative to the traditional mashed potatoes.  Bon Appetit!

This recipe serves 4 people.

Cut up the flowerettes from an organic head of Cauliflower.

Steam until it is slightly soft, but still has a little texture to it.

Put the steamed cauliflower into a food processor.

Add 1-2 Tbsp or Organic butter

For added flavor you can also add a few Tbs of Organic sour cream

Salt with Himalayan Crystal Salts and  sprinkle with organic peppers.

Blend until smooth and serve.

In this recipe I have served it with my  French Canadian “Coq au Vin”…recipe coming next week.

  • Thanks Dr. V. I use cauliflower to make “rice”. I put the cauliflower flowerettes through the ricer and then add some butter and a little thyme.